ClassyCurly Profile: Chantel of division Elite

Name: Chantel Peterson 

Social Media names: @POPchanny(twitter) @_POPchanny (IG)

Hair Type: idk!!? Lol

URL( if any):

What gave you the inspiration to begin division Elite(dE)?
Honestly, one night during midterms I was so tired of studying and stressing over school. I have always been a writer and I always loved to tell people stories and what's happening around us. I also love to support people so I said to a chapter Soror, "I think I'm going to make a blog" and three days later (5 hours of sleep total) there it was, up and ready for the public! 

Do you have a background in Journalism or Writing?
Yes! My mom is a writer. That's maybe where I get it. But I knew since a child that I wanted to write. I entered countless contests and things of that sort. In middle school it was already in my mind that I wanted to go to school for writing. Junior year of I high school I visited schools for the best journalism program (in my budget) and I continued my journey at Clarion university.
Explain the mission of division Elite(dE)

"divisionELITE is a site dedicated to entertainment, including but not limited to music, arts, and sports. We strive to stay away from gossip. We present to you "Infotainment". We stand behind empowerment and recognition of positivity in the community, and for the better good.

Our goal is to support local, upcoming, and relevant news and figures; and to adjust the industry's view of bloggers from a negative connotation to positive. "We strive to dish out the best, and nothing less." 

So basically we serve as a liaison between the public and the other side of media in a civil and respectable manner. We so strive to make a difference. We did a clothes drive for Christmas, fundraiser for a family In need and many other things. Lastly we believe local support is very important we make sure we pay as much attention to what we call the freshman class (up and coming artists) as we do the mainstream artists. 

At the rank of importance, how much is dE important to you?

DivisionELITE is my baby! Like after GOD, my family, and AKA, there lies DivisionELITE! It's really huge to me! I didn't expect it to still be up and running but I have invested so much time money and energy into, it's MINE and it keeps me productive and in tune with what's going on. 

How much time do you spend dedicated to dE? 
Man! I spend a lot of time! Like I'm forever thinking of new ideas for the site and then trying to execute. We did a few video series for our love and bullshit column. I did a few hip hop segments. Since we do more than the traditional "new music and Entertainment news" posts I spend time trying to diversify the site to satisfy everyone's needs and its like a full time job and I don't mind not getting paid because this is what I LOVE to do. 

What are your hopes for the future pertaining to dE?
I see a lot going for divisionELITE. We are working on sponsors and interviews with bigger named people right now. We are very close! But I want to be more than a Pittsburgh based blog. I want people ALL over to come to my site for their updates and daily reading. 

How long have you been natural?
I have been natural since 8th grade. So about 8 years! 

Why did you go natural?     
Well my mom wouldn't allow me to get a relaxer I tricked her into letting me get one and little did I know the maintenance it required to keep my hair healthy. Sad to say it broke all off! My hair was so long and healthy prior to my relaxer and then there I was, the bald head skiddle diddle! From the day my mom made me cut all of my hair off to be even with the back which had broken off extremely bad I told her I just want to let that chemical crap grow out and ill rock my own hair the way God intended it to be. From that day to this one I am so thankful for my full thick hard to manage head of natural hair. 

A short regimen you can share    
Regular trims, proper moisture, co wash!             

What are some of your favorite styles?     
I like it big! I like Bantu knots, I like twist outs, French braids!

What is your most favorite and least thing about being natural?    
My favorite thing is that when its not flat ironed I don't even have to worry about the rain! LOL! All of my friends are like "my hairrrrr it's raining" I'm like "shoot I don't even care" my least favorite thing is when it is straightened and then I go outside and then my wrap is like "sike I want to fuzzy"!       

What is one piece of advice that all women should have(pertaining to confidence)? 
Ladies, confidence is BEAUTIFUL! More beautiful than a bag! More beautiful than any guy on your shoulder. There is always going to be someone somewhere who doesn't agree with the way you do your hair or how you dress, shoot, even the way you praise your God. The key isn't pleasing them the key is pleasing yourself! Once you know you're the shxt no one can tell you anything! Go confidentially in all that you do! 

What natural hair bloggers/vloggers inspire you?    
One of my sorority sisters, Shanese Crosson who runs a YouTube channel, Natural Couture Curls, one of my friends Kayla (@curleyChaos) 

Do you have any advice on going natural?           

Just do it! Don't second guess yourself! Don't weigh the pros and cons of being nappy and or whatever your excuse may be! Just do it and embrace what is rightfully yours! 


Natural Hair: Chunky Twist Out

Hey Curlies,

I wanted to do bantu knots but by the time I finished my hair it was late which meant my hair was still wet and they didn't have time to dry. The key to a successful bantu knot out is allowing your hair to dry fully.I ended up leaving the bantu knots in because at the least my hair would stay stretched over night. 

The next morning my hair was still damp like I thought it would be and instead of undoing my twists, I decided to leave them in and simply pin them up.

The following day I did a twist out using vitamin E oil to untwist. I have a feeling that this style will not last long so I’ll have to come up with something to save it.


NEW ApHogee Products for Curly Hair (Coming Soon)

Hey Curlies,

Early last week I was browsing through my Instagram feed and I came across some great information. ApHogee, a line of hair products that is famous for its two-step protein treatment and moisture and protein balanced products, will be releasing new products soon.

These products are made especially for curly hair and include four products.
The line includes:

  • Textured Hair Wash
  • Texture Treatment
  • Moisture Rich Leave-In
  • Curl Definer
I am not sure when this line comes out, but from looking at the company's Facebook page, it seems like early next year. I will keep you all updated!


Natural Hair: Shea Butter Infused Wash Day

Hey Curlies,

It has been about two weeks since the last time I washed my hair. I know, I've been slacking big time! If you look at my previous post I'm chatting about being busy, but now that the week has come to an end I have more time.

I've been wearing my hair in a puff or bun these last two weeks. I decided to start my wash day off using the Nzuri Hair Follicle Food from my 90 Day Hair Growth challenge. I used this product as a pre poo on my scalp as well as Aloe Vera Gel. I also used Aussie Moist Conditioner on the length of my hair. Keep in mind I hadn't detangled my hair during my last wash.
Prepoo mix in!
I actually combed my hair this time
I also decided to try out two new products today. I washed with Luscious Locks Shea Butter Shampoo and I deep conditioned with Shea Radiance Maximum Moisture Conditioner. I deep conditioned for 30 minutes under a cap and rinsed.

From there I will most likely create bantu knots. Look for the next post for styling details!


Natural Hair: Updates

Hey Curlies,

I'm going on a bit of a rant lol, but here is a short video about updates!


Natural Hair: Wash Day and Chicago

Hey Curlies,

I washed my hair a few days ago and I have just been wearing a puff. Although I didn't think that my hair looked fabulous, I have been getting a lot of complements. Thank you, I appreciate it!

I washed my hair using Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo and conditioned with the Paul Brown Hapuna Conditioner. I wanted to be sure that my scalp was clean. For some reason it had been very itchy the last week and I wanted to keep rid of anything that could make that happen again.

I always wash my hair in two big sections or in twists. This makes the process much easier. I also haven't been combing my hair as often. I didn't even comb it on wash day. I've been finger detangling while washing and it has been working just fine.

Enough was the process:
  • Applied Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) to my scalp for clarification
  • Rinsed out ACV and began washing with Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo
  • Washed each side twice
  • Black Tea rinse
  • Added Paul Brown Hapuna Conditioner
  • Deep conditioned with plastic cap for 30 minutes with Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner

From there I just did a puff! The picture above is my hair freshly washed and no product. A lot of people have been wondering what my hair looks like right after I wash it. See, I have shrinkage too! At that moment I had just removed the two elastic bands on each side of my head.

My hair will probably stay in a puff and I'll probably spice it up with a headscarf. I'm going to Chicago later on today for a conference.

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Natural Hair News: Women With Longest Dredlocks

Hey Curlies,

I wanted to share this incredible story with you all. The article actually came out almost a month ago but just to keep you all updated I wanted to share it.

At 50 years old, Asha Mandela holds the Guinness World Record for the longest dredlocks. Her locs measure at a little over 19 feet!

To read this article click here.


Natural Hair: Mini Twist Twist Out

Hey Curlies,

I ended up keeping my mini twists in for a little over a week. I wasn't keeping up with them as I should have, for example not tying them down at night. As the week went on they began to look a little rough and I wasn't feeling it. I'm also ready for a great wash.

Last week I snapped this pic while my hair was up in a bun.
Saturday night I untwisted my hair for a cute twist out look. If you would like to see how I manage my hair at night click here. Throughout the week I've just been oiling my scalp with coconut oil and applying aloe vera gel to my edges.

This week I'll wear my twist out as long as I can until it gets old. Updates to come!


Natural Hair: 6 Signs of Damaged Hair

Hey Curlies,

To go off of my 5 Signs of Healthy Hair post, I want to counter that and also give you some signs of damaged hair. 

Some people wanted to know exactly what damaged hair looked like, and honestly, it can look different for different people. However, most of the signs below are pretty common.

Along with these signs I will be giving you a few solutions to decrease your chances of damaging your hair.

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6 signs of damaged hair

Dry Hair

Is your hair and scalp dry and brittle? Dry hair can lead to breakage as well  as rough hair. To combat dry hair moisturize and seal your hair often. This means using both a moisturizer and oil or butter to keep your hair hydrated.
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A lot of time frizzy hair is a result of dry hair and hair that has been handled too roughly. Frizz occurs when the outer most layer of the hair, the cuticle, does not lie flat. While rinsing out your conditioner try using a bit of cool water to close the cuticle and allow the layers to lie flat.

Noticeable Breakage

Everyone has breakage because it's normal, but when its noticeable that is a problem. Breakage happens from everyday styling of our hair rubbing against our clothing and other things. Protective styling is a great way to prevent breakage.

Breaking Point

Does your hair have a breaking point? Meaning, does you hair grow to a specific length and then break off? A lot of time our clothing is to blame. Wearing big scarves or even hats can cause friction and cause breakage. Wearing your hair off of your shoulders and moisturizing often will help you get past that breaking point.

Faded Color

Many times this happens without you being the direct cause. If you find yourself spending lots of time in the sun or outdoors you may notice your color fading. Fading color also brings in dry and frizzy hair. Be sure to use a color safe shampoo or an all natural cleanser.

All of these signs apply to all hair types but the next one is especially for those with naturally curly hair like myself.

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Lack of Elasticity

This is when you pull, comb or manipulate your hair in any way and it does not snap back into place as it once was. Meaning you have no shrinkage. If their is no shrinkage you either have a very loose texture or your once curly hair is now straight. Using direct heat can cause heat damage in which your hair loses its natural elasticity.

Natural Hair: Stretching Natural Hair Using the Tension Method

Hey Curlies,

**Click here to see my most recent stretching methods**

A few post back I mentioned that I used the tension method to stretch my hair before creating my mini twists. This is a method that I have used almost a dozen times and I get satisfying results every time without putting too much heat or stress on my hair.

I've been having video issues and I couldn't get my audio together with this video so be aware that their is supposed to be no sound. It is just something short and sweet about the method I use to stretch my hair.


If you are wondering I used a 1800 watt blow dryer by Gold N' Hot. While blow drying I used low heat on medium speed. 

I hope you enjoy! Hair & Body Soap Giveaway Winners

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