Natural Hair: Wash Day and Mini Twists

Hey Curlies,

I decided to do some mini twists just because I wanted a little break from my hair. I want to show off a little length and just feel hair on my shoulders. I didn't do them as small as I normally do them but they still came out pretty good.

First I prepooed using the hair oil that came with the items from my 90 day hair growth challenge. I let that sit on for about 15 minutes before washing my hair.I washed my hair using the Paul Brown Hapuna line. From there I applied a little grapseed oil and leave in conditioner. I blow dried my hair using the tension method. (video is recorded and coming soon!)
Results of the tension method
From there I randomly began twisting using Wonder Curl's Butter Than Love. I ended up watching an entire movie and then half of another one before I finished.Here were my results.

I don't plan on keeping these in as long as I normally keep my mini twist. Soon after about a week and a half to two weeks I'll be ready for another style.

S/N: My scalp has been itching like crazy for the last week. I'm not sure if it was the cleanser I washed my hair with a couple of weeks ago but I'm going to investigate and get back to you.


ClassyCurly Profile: Zeigler

Hey Curlies,

Here is another ClassyCurly profile!

Name: Zeigler
Social Media Names:  @ZEIGality (Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest,Tumblr)
Hair Type: Mostly 4a with a little of 3c

How long have you been natural?:     
My last perm(relaxer) was February 2012 and I transitioned for 10 months and finally big chopped December 17th,2012.I have been natural for 18 months.

Why did you go natural?:        
I always danced around the idea of going natural but I was very scared and nervous of what others would think.I seriously thought about it for two years before I actually did it but that followed a lot of breakage from relaxers and it never grew past a certain length without breakage. Once I started doing my own research, I became obsessed and I fell in love with Nikki Mae!

A short regimen you can share:         
Oh man...this depends on the week lol.I just found out I have low porosity hair so now I'm rinsing my hair with baking soda and water once a month. I am deep conditioning to make sure moisture is getting into my hair cuticle! I shampoo every week or every other week depending on my schedule. If I shampoo I also deep condition! (VO5, raw shea butter,honey or olive oil or both and I like it to be mixed and warmed up!) I will let that sit overnight or sit with a knitted hat on for a few hours then I will rinse and style my hair.

What are some of your favorite products?:   
VO5 conditioners, Almond oil, Eco Styler gel, Raw Shea butter and Kinky Curly Knot Today and my curls love HONEY!

What are some of your favorite styles?:        
I refuse to comb my hair more than once a week.When I have my wash days, I usually do a protective style like twist outs,braids outs or coil outs. I will leave my hair twisted or braided for a few days than mid week or end of week let my hair out.

Since my my hair is still pretty short,I just rock a stretched out fro or a frohawk or if I don't have time I will just throw my hair into a puff.

What is your most favorite and least thing about being natural?:    
My favorite thing would be my newly found confidence! I realize I was very concerned about the thoughts of others and now I'm truly in love with my natural self and it is an amazing feeling! My least favorite thing would be having to detangle lol.

What is one piece of advice that all women should have(pertaining to confidence)?:         
You define your beauty! Everything about you is perfect so don't compare yourself to anyone else! Always love yourself!

What natural hair bloggers/vloggers inspire you?:  
Nikki Mae is where it all began for me! She was my first natural hair blogger!....
I have not found my hair twin yet but Ms Ariella89 has inspired me to do braid outs. Also
@Nubiinteriors and @XoJoclo on Instagram!

Do you have any advice on going natural?:   
If you have thought about it, do it and stay committed to your journey! It will not always be easy but I promise you it will be worth it!


Natural Hair: 90 Day Hair Growth Challenge (Third Post)

Hey Curlies,

I just wanted to quickly update you on my 90 day hair growth challenge sponsored by Nzuri Hair Vitamins.
I have about a 2 months left in the challenge and things are going well. I finished the bottle of the 15-Day Cleanser and I can tell the difference in energy level that I have. The 15 day cleanser is supposed to get rid of all of the toxic waste to promote healthy hair and skin. 

I feel like its hard to tell a huge difference in 15 days but my body does seem to feel a bit lighter and I have a lot more energy.

I have yet to try the Hair Follicle Food but I plan on using it this week once I wash my hair and from then on out until the challenge is over. I am just about finished with the Hair Gro vitamins. These vitamins are also a pick me up during the day.

I am really excited to do a length check and comparison pictures after this challenge is over. Look out for more updates.



Hair Care: Top 10 Foods For Healthy Hair

Hey Curlies,

I have a special guest post about foods that are essential for hair growth. This article was submitted by Marcela.

Healthy hair is hard to maintain in a world where hair products filled with chemicals are almost a necessity. Add heat and chemical damage to that and you have a recipe for unhealthy hair. Of course you can try a dozen different repair products to get your hair back to its healthiest, but sometimes the natural way is best. Believe it or not, there are plenty of foods that can make your hair as healthy as possible. 
Image Courtesy of Helen Cook /

 The fatty omega-3 acid found in salmon is essential to helping your body grown hair. Hair needs essential oils to stay hydrated and keep dandruff away, which fatty acids can achieve. Salmon is also filled with vitamin B12 and iron, which can keep hair strong. If you don’t like the taste of salmon, the other fish that have the same properties are trout, herring, and mackerel. Eggs Who knew that it only took a nutritious breakfast to have a healthier head of hair? Eggs, whether they are scrambled, fried, or sunny side up, are filled with many nutrients. Protein is a major asset for hair health. Eggs are also filled with vitamin B-12, biotin, zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron. 

Image Courtesy of Jonathunder /
 Carrots Carrots are said to be extremely good for your eyesight, but did you know that it’s also a great resource for your hair? Carrots are filled with vitamin A, the same vitamin that helps vision, which creates a healthy scalp. While you can eat them cooked and still have the essential nutrients, you can get more of the vitamin if you eat it raw. 

Whole Grains There is a wide variety of foods filled with whole grains, including breakfast cereals, bread, rice, and even popcorn. These whole grains have zinc, vitamin B, and iron in it, which are all great for hair.

 Beans One of the best foods for your hair is also the smallest. Kidney beans, lentils, and soybeans are chock full of protein, zinc, biotin, and iron, which all promote hair growth. You can eat them in salads, soups, or chili to get the full benefits. 

Greek Yogurt If you want a food option that’s low in fat but also great for your hair, then look no further than Greek yogurt. It’s filled with protein, vitamin D, and vitamin B5, the latter of which is often found in regular hair care products. In fact, Greek yogurt is often used as the main ingredient for home-recipe deep conditioners! 

Dark Green Veggies Spinach and other dark green veggies are a great source for iron. Iron ensures that your hair grows strong and doesn’t fall out as often. Spinach is also filled with beta carotene and vitamin C which are great for hair hydration and supplying essential oils. 

Walnuts While many nuts are filled with perks for your hair, such as zinc, but walnuts are the best. Walnuts are the only nuts that have enough omega-3 fatty acids to make a difference on your hair and scalp. They also have vitamin E and biotin, to stop further hair damage. 

Sweet Potatoes If you are low on Vitamin A, you may find yourself with a scalp full of dandruff that itches. Sweet potatoes are filled with beta carotene which becomes vitamin A within your body. 

Blueberries The vitamin C in blueberries is important keep your hair from breaking or having split ends. It also promotes circulation in your scalp, so that you can prevent dandruff and itchiness. While many foods can keep your hair healthy and prevent future damage, you also have to keep in mind that it’s important to use high quality products for your hair. These foods can do a lot for your hair’s health but they still need that extra boost of a great hair product.


Natural Hair Giveaway: Foxy Mango Hair & Body Soap Giveaway

Hey Curlies,

I have an awesome giveaway lined up for you all! This giveaway is sponsored by, formally known as Strands and Co. The giveaway will open August 26th(today)-September 2nd.

There will be one winner who will receive two really great gifts. The first is a bar of body soap by The Soap Market called Oatmeal Milk and Honey. I reviewed this soap a few months ago and I loved it! To check out the review click here.
The other prize is a Rhassoul Herbal Shampoo bar. I had never really been into shampoo bars before but this one left a lasting impression. I sort of figured that I would like it because it contains Rhassoul clay and I've done a treatment recently with it.

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So during this giveaway you get the best of both worlds, both hair and body soaps. Entry is always easy. Simple choose how you would like to enter below.
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Good Luck!!


Natural Hair: Twist Out With Eco Styler Gel

Hey Curlies,

Here is just a quick update with my hair. I did a twist out a few days ago but I didn't turn out as planned. The ends were coiled so much that the bottom half didn't look like a twist out. I am pretty sure that it's just the way I twist my hair. I tend to twist or coil as I am twisting and this time it back fired on me.

Once that got old, I've been wearing my hair in a puff or just with a headband.

I used a little Eco Styler gel on my edges.


Natural Hair: Merchandise

Hey Curlies,

I finally got my official gear! I've been waiting on these items to come in so that I could be my own walking advertisement.

I purchased both a t-shirt and a cotton tote bag. Here are a few pictures of the bag.

I also ordered a matching t-shirt which I will post shortly. The shirt is very similar to the bag but with a cute tag line.

I have been getting lots of compliments on this bag as well as the shirt. Many people have been interested in purchasing these items. If you are interested, please email me at


ClassyCurly Profile: Kayanna

Hey Curlies,

Check out the latest ClassyCurly profile and get inspired!

Name: Kayanna Scott-Brown
Social Media Names:  Kaykes
Hair Type:       4a
How long have you been natural?:     

Six months as of August 2013

Why did you go natural?:        

I decided to make a overall change to my life which included embracing my natural hair and really understanding where I came from and who I am as a Black Woman.

A short regimen you can share:         
Wash-n-go: I use Pantene Co wash Natural hair line, Tressemme Conditioner as my leave in and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie as my curl definer. Depending on the day I add Coconut oil before my leave in to seal the moisture. Some days I do not need any oil.

What are some of your favorite products?:   
Trader Joes Tea Tree Conditioner
Pantene Co Wash
Carols Daughter Tui Conditioner
Carols Daughter Transition Kit is AMAZING
Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner
Coconut Oil
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

What are some of your favorite styles?:        
My Mohawk look is my go style when I am dress up and need a polished look. I give myself a curl hump in the front. I recently do the small scarf and tie a bow in the front and leave a little hump. That is currently my everyday style.

What is your most favorite and least thing about being natural?:    
Right now it is my two textures. I am slowly transitioning so I have about 1-2 inches left over all. My left side is more damaged so I have more straight pieces. It is driving me crazy.

What is one piece of advice that all women should have(pertaining to confidence)?:         
Don't ever be ashamed of who you are. Embrace your beauty and don't ever question it!!!!

What natural hair bloggers/vloggers inspire you?:   
Curly Nikki
Naptural 85
Naptural Nicole

Do you have any advice on going natural?:   

You have to be ready mentally for the change as it is a BIG one. Read, Read and Read about how to take care of your hair. Follow natural hair vloggers. They inspire you and help you with the new change.


Natural Hair: Twist Out Using NEW Eco Custard

Hey Curlies,

Today was wash day for me and I really wanted to wear my hair out this week. I decided that a twist out would be one of the best ways to go about this. During my wash, I used the following products:

  • Paul Brown Hapuna Cleanse Shampoo
  • Paul Brown Hapuna Conditioner
I washed my hair in two sections and finger detangled while the conditioner was on. I then proceed to wrap my hair in a cotton t-shirt to soak up the water. I left the t-shirt on for about 30 minutes. The purpose of using a t-shirt and not a towel is that a towel can disturb your curl pattern as well as cause frizz.

From there I sectioned my hair off into about 3 inch sections and used the tension method to blow dry each section and then immediately twisting my hair using the Eco Custard and Vitamin E oil. Over all I did about 30 medium sized twists.
I left the twists in overnight and these were my results in the morning.

OBIA Natural HairCare Giveaway Winners

Hey Curlies,

I am here to announce the winners of the OBIA Natural HairCare giveaway. I want to thank you all very much for entering as well as supporting this blog and OBIA Natural Hair Care.

If you were not chosen as a winner, don't worry! I have another giveaway coming up in a few weeks.

Congratulations to...

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Check your email for more information.


Natural Hair: 90 Day hair Growth Challenge Update(Second Post)

Hey Curlies,

This is my first update since I began my 90 day hair growth July 29th. The challenge will end on Oct 27th and then I will review the products that I have been using.

Here are a few updates of my progress more than two weeks into the challenge:

  • A couple of days ago I forgot to take the supplements so all together I have missed 3 days. I have gotten back on track.
  • Overall things are going well. I haven't had any crazy side effects
  • I haven't been drinking the liquid hair vitamin. I couldn't get over the taste or look
  • I haven't noticed any changes in my hair thus far but my hair is fairly healthy. To see these changes I will do a length check at the end of the challenge. 


Natural Hair: Curlformers Results

Hey Curlies,

I finally got a chance to try a curl former set. The rollers that I actually used were not Curlformers, they were a knock off version.(Who has $70 to spend on real ones?)

I ordered my set of 36 from ButtersnBars. This is also the site where I purchased my Rhassoul and Australian Pink Clay. Soon after washing my hair and deep conditioning, I used the curl formers to set my hair.

I used a little bit of moisturizer and some wrap foam lotion. It took about 45 minutes to install them because I had to get the hang of it. Once I discovered some easy tricks the time passed by fairly fast. I found out that I needed about 8 more curl formers because my sections were starting to become too chunky. To solve this I used about 4-5 flexi rods.

Let me tell you about my night. I did NOT sleep well at all. These things are so uncomfortable to sleep in! But all in all I had a fabulous hair style the next day.

Next time there are a few things I want to try differently to achieve a long lasting set. I found out that using foam lotion was not enough to hold my curls in place. While taking the curl formers out I noticed how soft my hair was and I knew that the style would not last long. I plan on using a product with a little more hold.

Overall I loved the style!


Natural Hair: OBIA Natural Haircare Twist Whip Butter Giveaway(OPEN)

Hey Curlies,

Here is the official entry post to enter the OBIA Natural Haircare giveaway. The rules are simple. Just enter anyway you'd like using the methods below.

The giveaway will end Sunday,August 18th and a winner will be chosen shortly after. Good Luck!

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Natural Hair: Rhassoul & Australian Pink Clay Hair Treatment (Picture Heavy)

Hey Curlies,

So if you read my last post about my confession, I vowed to up my deep conditioning treatments. I'd heard about Rhassoul clay and I've watched many YouTube videos about the application process. 

This clay has a negative charge so it pulls the toxins out of your hair while leaving moisturized and shiny hair. This clay also has the same benefit for your skin.

I ordered a jar from ButtersnBars called the Original Conditioning Mask. This mask contains Rhassoul Clay as well as Australian Pink Clay. This clay has similar benefits as the Rhassoul clay. I finally got a chance to use it.

This post contains eight million pictures, but I wanted you all to see the steps.

I first washed my hair using Paul Brown Hapuna Cleanse Shampoo in four sections and from there I began applying the mask. I found a random pair of gloves, emptied the jar into another container and added some aloe vera juice to loosen up the mixture.I applied the mix in the same four sections that I washed in.

All in all it took about 30-35 minutes to apply the mask.

From there I let it sit for about an hour and a half and rinsed. I then followed up with Paul Brown Hawaii Hapuna Conditioner.

My hair turned out really soft and smooth. This process can be messy but I plan to doing it every now and then.


ClassyCurlies Confession: Deep Conditioner

Hey Curlies,

I have a confession...

I have not truly deep conditioned my hair like I usually do. I know that I tell you all that deep conditioning is key to healthy hair because it is, but...I can get lazy lol.

I'm not perfect, sometimes my hair feels dry, sometimes my hair styles don't turn out how I would like them too, and I also don't follow my own rules all of the time(obviously) lol.

I haven't truly deep conditioned my hair in about two months. What I've been doing is applying the deep conditioner for about three minutes while I do my other shower duties and then rinse. My normal routine is deep conditioning for at least 30 minutes or more with a plastic cap.

So I'm going to jump back on it! I bought this organic clay hair mask from Butters n Bars as well as some rollers that are a mock version of Curlformers. I'm planning on doing both tomorrow! I'll have results soon.


OBIA Natural HairCare Giveway Opens 8/12!

Hey Curlies,

I am pleased to announce that their would be a product giveaway sponsored by OBIA Natural Hair. One lucky winner will receive one jar of the Twist Whip Butter by OBIA Natural Hair. To see the product review, click here.

The giveaway will open on Monday, August 12th and will end Sunday, August 18th. Spread the word!

Here is the link to enter the giveaway.


Natural Hair Style: Twist Out Using Coconut Oil

Hey Curlies,

A few days ago I retwisted my hair using African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Creame and coconut oil. Here were the results:

I twisted on dry hair but my hair was not completely stretched so I sacrificed about 30% of my length, but that's okay. I plan on washing my hair this weekend and using my new Rhassoul clay deep conditioner and curl formers for the first time.


Natural Hair: I Was Featured on

Hey Curlies,

I was featured on CurlyNikki yesterday on the "Naturally Glam" section!
I was extremely honored and excited about this feature! I even gained a new follower:

This was the first natural hair blog that I ever came in contact with. Read my feature here.


Natural Hair Dolls For Children

Hey Curlies,

I found these adorable dolls while browsing through a natural hair group on Facebook. I wanted to share a couple of these dolls with you in case you have children or know someone who has children.

We constantly see dolls that are either Caucasian or have straight hair. The dolls are from  and they are custom made. Here are a few example of them:
I think that it is just really cool and exciting for young African American girls to recognize that there is more than one definition of pretty. I grew up only having one African American doll but I would have loved to have more, especially ones with natural hair.


Natural Hair Care: 5 Signs of Healthy Hair

Hey Curlies,
In the hair and beauty world, especially during a ten second commercial, we are always bombarded with signs of unhealthy hair. These symptoms could be related to breakage, split ends, dry hair and itchy scalps.

I've compiled, from my experience, my 5 signs of healthy hair. If you know if your hair is healthy or not, you can plan styles, maybe trips to the salon and products accordingly. 

Think that you have damaged hair? Your thoughts may be wrong. 

RELATEDHow to Straighten Natural Hair Without Heat Damage | Natural Hair: 6 Signs of Damaged Hair

signs of healthy hair

Here are five signs of healthy hair:


Shrinkage after 2 weeks of mini twists
If you have curly hair this is can be a major factor in determining if your hair is healthy. Do you ever experience shrinkage? Or does your hair revert back to its curly state in warm and humid weather? If so this means that your hair's elasticity is where it should be. Healthy curly hair snaps back in place. Even during the detangling process, that "snap" noise that you may here is your hair's elasticity. 

Shed Hair

We lose about 50-100 hairs per day. When I say lose hair I do not mean breakage but an actual entire strand of hair. Hair from the root detaches from the scalp when its hair cycle has ended. If you happen to see one of these hairs(they have a small white bulb on the top) check the length of it. Does the length that you see match the length of hair that you have? If not, you may have breakage.


Smooth hair is a result of the cuticle layer of your hair lying flat. If your hair feels smooth and soft it could be in good shape but their are other factors such as the two above and two below. Usually when the hair's cuticle lies flat it results in shiny hair however there is an exception. Although shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair some people do not experience the amount of shine that others may. Do not solely depend on the shine of your hair to determine if it is healthy.

Overall Healthy

Do you feel sick? Have you been sick lately or under the weather? Check your diet and determine if you are getting enough fruits, vegetables and protein. Usually the health of your hair is reflected by what do put into your body.

Split Ends

We all get split ends and single strand knots. I know, its very annoying. Take a look at your ends? Do you have lots of split ends and single strand knots? It's okay to have a few because they are apart of the hair journey. Clip those ends off if you see these occurring often.

signs of healthy hair