Natural Hair: What's Up With My Hair?

Hey Curlies,

My last few post have not mentioned my hair at all so I'd thought I'd update you all. To be honest, I haven't had time to style my hair like I've wanted too this past week so I've been wearing a puff.

Soon after I washed my hair last Sunday I wore a twist out for about a day and then went to a puff from there. I noticed that my puffs are beginning to look more like ponytails because my hair is growing.

The only products that I've used these last 4-5 days are my Aloe Vera juice mix and jojoba oil. At night I remove the band, moisturize and seal, then tie a scarf on my edges. From there, I add a bonnet to the free hair.

I plan on washing my hair today. Updates soon!

Natural Hair: 3 Reasons Why You May be Losing Your Edges

Hey Curlies,

I constantly get questions about how to grow out your edges and how to keep them healthy. Most people aren't even sure why their edges may are thinning. Here are a few reasons why you may be losing your edges.
**Tip: Remember to condition and spritz your edges daily with a leave-in conditioner or create your own (pictured above)**


Don't get me wrong, wigs are a great protective style and some can even look more natural than real hair, but here is the downside. Usually when one wears a wig, they wear some sort of stocking cap or wig cap. That cap usually fits pretty tight around your edges so that the wigs stays in place correctly. If not careful, the friction from both the cap and wig and cause breakage along the hair line.

Solution: Always apply a light moisturizer and oil before using wigs. Also do not wear them for extended amounts of time. Try to switch things up.


Bonnets are my best friend and many companies even create them in cute fashion patterns and colors. The issue with bonnets are the same as wigs. When wearing the bonnet at night, the bonnet is constantly causing friction against the hairline while you toss and turn during your sleep. Not something you've thought about huh?

Solution: Again, always moisturize and seal before bedtime. This process quenches thirsty hair and cuts down on breakage due to dry hair. You can also try using hair scarfs to tie your hair up and night or a mesh wrap.

Too much pull, Not enough moisture

Think those high top knots buns are cute? YES! Do you also love wearing ponytails and puffs? Probably so. These are very cute styles that are "in" right now. Yes, these styles are fashionable, however they do cause stress to the hairline. Be gentle and keep your edges moisturized.

Solution: Wear these styles in moderation and be sure not to pull your edges to hard when creating these styles.


Natural Hair: D.I.Y Shampoo

Hey Curlies,

Here is a shampoo recipe that I am really hoping to try soon. For all of you D.I.Yers, I thought you would find this helpful.

Homemade Shampoo Recipe:

  • 8 oz of distilled water
  • 2 teaspoons of dried rosemary
  • 3 oz of liquid castile soap
  • 3 tablespoons of aloe vera juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon of jojoba oil
  • 10 drops of tea tree oil
Let me know how this recipe works for you. Post some of your own homemade recipes below.


Natural Hair: Product Review- Aubrey Organics GPB Balancing Conditioner

Hey Curlies,

Here is a new product that I discovered in my Curlkit. The last time I tried a product from Aubrey Organics,it didn't leave a lasting memory, but this product did.

What it Contains:
Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base, Organic Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ Oil, Lactalbumin, Organic Rosemary Oil, Organic Sage Oil, Horsetail Extract, Coltsfoot Extract, Nettle Extract, Amino Acid Complex (Cysteine, Methionine), Glycoprotein (from oyster shells), Balsam Oil, Aubrey's Preservative (Citrus Seed Extract, Vitamins A, C and E).

What it claims to do:
Condition hair without the use of silicones, sulfates, parabens,and glycerin.

To condition hair

My Review:
In the past I've used another conditioner by this company and it just didn't have enough slip for me. However, this is one of the reasons why I really like this product. The product can be easily applied to my hair and distributes evenly. I really like that this product contains both proteins(amino acid complex) and a moisturizer (aloe vera). Since this is a protein based conditioner, I usually follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner to maintain balance. The consistency of this product reminds me of a light mousse foundation. The scent is also very light and pleasant. I also like this this product is completely organic. I give this product a 5 out of 5.


Natural Hair: 70's Protective Style Tutorial

Hey Curlies,

Here is a tutorial of a quick protective style for everyday wear.                                                                    

Here are a few pictures of the finished look. For a better view, watch the video.


ClassyCurly Profile: Tiffany

Hey Curlies,

Here is another ClassyCurly profile for some inspiration that we all may need at one time or another.

Name: Tiffany Shackelford
Social Media names: @2bluchainz IG- @2bluchainzz
Hair Type: 4A 3C combo

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for three years and I transitioned for a year. 

Why did you go natural?

It all started my freshmen year of college. I was broke and could not afford a perm. I started to look up ways to take care of my hair and not perm it. I wanted to heat train my hair but as I did more research VIA YouTube and Curly Nikki, I realized that may not be the best option for me. I started doing braid-outs and eventually realized that my natural hair was the hair that I always wanted. I noticed the growth and how strong my hair became. It was no longer thin. My texture was full and thick and I loved it. I feel like going natural was a gift to my hair. 

When did you Big chop?

I don't quite remember when I big chopped because I was cutting off my ends throughout the year and eventually I was all natural. I do remember it being during my second semester of my freshmen year. At the time I really did not know what a "Big Chop" was. 

A short regimen you can share?

I switch up washing my hair and co-washing every other week. Then I braid it or twist it and wear it out for the week. I used to be really extreme and co-wash during the week and washing every week with a pre-poo but ain't nobody got time for that. lol I had to simplify my routine because being a busy college student doesn't allow me to do that. About once a month during the winter I straighten my hair to see my length and clip my ends. I also try to color my hair about 3 or 4 times a year for right now.

Do you have any Favorite Products?

Shampoo - Giovanni Moisture Shampoo and Clear (gold bottle)
Conditioners - Aussie Moist and Dr. Miracle's Curl Care conditioner 
DC - NAAUT Brazilian Keratin and Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise    
Stylers - Eco styler gel and Shea Moisture Curling Soufflé

I couldn't do it without these products !!!
Do you have any advice on Going Natural?

Be patient and willing to try new things. Going natural shouldn't be scary because all you're doing is being yourself. Don't let other people's opinion change your mind. Personally going natural has been one of the best personal decisions I've made. I'm glad that I did it and i tried something new. Another thing is to find what works for you. Just like you, your hair is unique so you have to find a unique regimen for you.


Natural Hair: Wash Day (March 17)

Hey Curlies,

So I have officially broken one of my rules from my March Hair Goals list. I have not been washing my hair weekly. In the past week I've been focusing a lot on my classes and I have also been attending a lot of events. Today I dedicated to hair care. Here was my routine:

Products Used:

  • U R Curly Soya Shampoo
  • Aubrey (Organics) GDP Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner
  • Great Value Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
  • TRESemme Naturals Conditioner
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • 3 Sisters of Nature Once a Week Treatment

I first applied a generous amount of TRESemme Naturals to my hair because a detangling session was much needed. The last time I combed my hair was Monday March 4th when I did two-strand twists. That Saturday I wore a twist-out until this Sunday(3/17), so I had no need to comb. I used a wide-tooth comb and also added a little grapeseed oil to my ends.

I washed with U R Curly Soya Shampoo twice and then proceeded with an oil rinse. I used EVOO for the oil rinse then followed up with the Aubrey conditioner. I deep conditioned with 3 Sisters of Nature for about 2 hours. I got caught up doing other things.

What products have you used this week?


Natural Hair Care: Oil Rinsing 101

Hey Curlies,

If you're looking for another way to add moisture to your curly hair, you may want to give oil rinsing a try. It is an extra (very short) step during the wash phase but is so worth it. Oil rinsing will leave your curly hair with soft and shiny hair. 

Here is how to oil rinse:

Natural Hair Care: How to Oil Rinse - ClassyCurlies

  1. Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo or co-wash and rinse
  2. Squeeze your hair of extra water
  3. Select your favorite oil and apply it to your hair and scalp, focusing on the ends. Oil can be poured directly on to the hair, applied with a color application bottle or with the hands
  4. Rinse hair with warm water
  5. Apply your normal conditioner
  6. Rinse with cool water
  7. Apply a leave-in conditioner
  8. Style as desired
When using this method, I used Honey Baby Naturals shampoo and conditioner and coconut oil for the rinse.

Natural Hair: Hair Reactions in West Africa

Hey Curlies,

I just wanted to share this article with you all from The article is about a woman who went to west Africa and received very mixed comments and reactions about her natural hair. Very interesting! The story's link is below.

West Africa


Wonder how my twistout done with shea butter is doing? It's been 5 days since I untwisted.

My hair still looks great!


Natural Hair: Twist-out Using Shea Butter

Hey Curlies,

I am finally back from vacation. I had a fabulous time in Miami with my sisters. Soon before I left I in my last post, I blew my hair out and created twists using shea butter. For the first four days of my trip, I wore my hair in those twists and in this style.

My hair did shrink since I did not wrap them at night like I normally do. I just simply put on a scarf. On Saturday I did a twistout and here is my hair today after on day 3.

I am hoping this lasts a few more days. I've gotten so many compliments on my hair in the last few days. A Caucasian woman was so obsessed with my hair while I was on the flight back home. She asked so many questions.

At night I've been tying a scarf down on it. I noticed that when I do this instead of the bonnet, my hair doesn't shrink up as much.


Natural Hair Care: March Hair Goals

Hey Curlies,

I have decided not only to track my annual hair goals, but also my monthly hair goals. I would also like you to add some of your hair goals in the comment section below.

March Hair Goals:

  • Use up one product
  • Do not buy any products pertaining to hair
  • Use coconut oil on my edges 3xs per week
  • Wash hair once per week
  • Deep condition or prepoo every wash
What are some of your hair goals?


Natural Hair: Two Strand Twists on Blown Out Hair

Hey Curlies,

I will be going to Miami tomorrow with some of my sisters and I couldn't figure out how it should wear my hair. It is supposed to be warm so I didn't want a style that would produce a lot of frizz. I decided on two strand twist. Here was my routine:

I first soaked my hair in TRESemme Naturals Conditioner, then detangled. On top of the conditioner, I sprayed my hair with Aloe Vera juice and added Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

I am learning that my hair doesn't fit into a plastic cap as well anymore so I created two loose sections and then added two caps over each section. I let it sit for about 45 minutes.

I washed my hair using the U R Curly Soya Shampoo and the Quinoa Conitioner. In between the wash and condition, I did a black tea rinse.

I wanted my twist to look very smooth and contain some length. I blow dried my hair on low in about six sections. When the sections were dry, I created big twists.

 I applied grapeseed oil to each section and then began to twist. It took about 2 hours to complete one side of my hair. I twisted with Shea butter which I melted before using. These are similar to my mini twists I did a few months ago but they are a bit bigger.

See you all in Miami!


Natural Hair: Marley Bun #2

Hey Curlies,

I have been so lazy with my hair this past week. I did a twist n curl that lasted me all week(thank God) and then by Friday it began to look rough.
Twist n Curl- Day 4
In the middle of deciding what I was going to do with my hair Friday night, I decided that a bun would be easiest. I used As I Am Smoothing Gel for my edges an proceeded to create the bun.

I didn't create the ponytail too tight so that lots of stress wouldn't be applied to my hairline. Here is just a picture of my night out with my friends and sisters.
Want to see my first marley bun? Click here

Nappturalite Radio February BOOMBox Review

Hey Curlies,

I have a new monthly kit to review for you. This is the February review for the BOOMBox by Nappturalite radio. This is a new monthly kit that is dedicated to natural hair and body health. I received my kit early last week. Here's what I got:

The kit contained one full sized product and then four samples along with a headband. I will first start off with a few things that I did not like.I wasn't in complete shock when I saw the products in the kit. I am not saying that the products aren't worthy, but I just wasn't as excited as I thought I would be. I do not use oil sheen and that was one of the biggest things in the box. I also think that the presentation of the kit could have been a bit better. Just a bit of constructive feedback.

On to the things I did like. I did like the Wonder Curl and Shea Radiance products. I have been wanting to try more WonderCurl products and have yet to try and Shea Radiance products. I also loved the headband. It was very cute! I actually wore it the next day. I hope their will be more hair accessories in the future.

I definitely believe that this kit has much potential. It is very new to the natural community and has room for improvement, but I think that the more exposure it gets the better it will become. At only $14.99 compared to other kits, I think that it was worth it. This month's kit just didn't fit my style as much. I know lots of people who would have loved this kit. Overall, I give the kit a 3 out of 5 and I would purchase this to see the great things it has in the future.