Natural Hair: Benefits of Using All-Natural Products

Hey Curlies,

This week when I washed my hair I used all natural products and I did notice a big difference in my hair. All-natural products are better for our bodies in general,not just our hair. Most hair products are filled with detergents, sulfates and even cleaners.

I honestly did not mean to use all-natural products on purpose, it just kinda happened. Here is what I used:

Rhassoul Herbal Shampoo Bar by Brown Butter Beauty

This shampoo is all organic and filled with nourishing oils. Its main ingredients are olive oil, coconut oil, coco butter, shea butter and wheat germ oil. My hair came out very clean and my scalp felt very refreshed. This can be purchased at

Cassia Obovata

Cassia is a plant grown in India and similar places. The leaves of  the plant are grind into a powder that can be used for hair. When mixed with warm water or other natural ingredients it thickens, adds shine and strengthens hair. I purchased my cassia from

Shea Butter Conditioner by Dominique's Best

I needed a conditioner that supplied moisture to my hair after the cassia treatment and this was perfect! This conditioner combines ingredients such as shea butter,vitamin e, lavender and rosemary. My hair came out very soft and moisturized. This product can be purchased at

Overall I noticed my hair was  a lot more softer, my scalp was a bit cleaner and my curls seemed to be a but more curlier!