Natural Hair: Wash Day with NEW Products

Hey Curlies,

For this wash day I am using a new line of products. These are the products I was given to try when I went to visit Dominique's Enterprise a few weeks ago.
Prepoo applied to hair
For starters, its been about two weeks since I last washed my hair. I just had not felt the need to. Within the last few days my hair has become a tangled mess so I think its about time.

I prepooed using Dominique's Enterprise's Scalp Stimulator for about 20 minutes. I used the oil as a hot oil treatment on my scalp. I did apply some Aussie Moist conditioner to my hair to loosen up the tangles. To heat the oil I sat the bottle in a coffee mug full of hot water then applied to my scalp.

Next I washed using the shea butter shampoo on my scalp followed by the shea butter conditioner. I did not deep condition considering I had already did the hot oil treatment earlier.

I felt the need to actually fully detangle my hair so while conditioning I ran a comb through each side of my hair to loosen up the tangles.

I created small bantu knots to stretch my hair overnight. I then sat under the dryer on low for about 35 minutes.