Natural Hair: Wash Day using Aloe Vera Gel

Hey Curlies,

I finally got a chance to wash my hair this week and it was definitely over due! I've been having some scalp issues lately. My scalp has been very dry so I decided to pamper it a little.

I began by taking down my old style:
The aftermath:

I began by massaging my scalp with lots of aloe vera gel. From there I applied Aussie Moist Conditioner to my hair and let it sit for about 15 minutes. I can't even explain how wonderful it felt to have cool aloe vera gel on my scalp! (Please try it!)

As always, I split my hair in half and began washing my hair in the shower. I used:

The conditioner left a tingling sensation on my scalp and it was the bomb!! Anywho...

Soon after rinsing I did a hot oil treatment using coconut oil on my scalp using an applicator bottle. I also applied more Aussie Moist Conditioner to my hair and covered with a plastic cap. I let it sit for about 30-40 minutes.

Sometime today I plan on doing two-strand twists! Stay tuned!