Natural Hair: 6 Signs of Damaged Hair

Hey Curlies,

To go off of my 5 Signs of Healthy Hair post, I want to counter that and also give you some signs of damaged hair. 

Some people wanted to know exactly what damaged hair looked like, and honestly, it can look different for different people. However, most of the signs below are pretty common.

Along with these signs I will be giving you a few solutions to decrease your chances of damaging your hair.

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6 signs of damaged hair

Dry Hair

Is your hair and scalp dry and brittle? Dry hair can lead to breakage as well  as rough hair. To combat dry hair moisturize and seal your hair often. This means using both a moisturizer and oil or butter to keep your hair hydrated.
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A lot of time frizzy hair is a result of dry hair and hair that has been handled too roughly. Frizz occurs when the outer most layer of the hair, the cuticle, does not lie flat. While rinsing out your conditioner try using a bit of cool water to close the cuticle and allow the layers to lie flat.

Noticeable Breakage

Everyone has breakage because it's normal, but when its noticeable that is a problem. Breakage happens from everyday styling of our hair rubbing against our clothing and other things. Protective styling is a great way to prevent breakage.

Breaking Point

Does your hair have a breaking point? Meaning, does you hair grow to a specific length and then break off? A lot of time our clothing is to blame. Wearing big scarves or even hats can cause friction and cause breakage. Wearing your hair off of your shoulders and moisturizing often will help you get past that breaking point.

Faded Color

Many times this happens without you being the direct cause. If you find yourself spending lots of time in the sun or outdoors you may notice your color fading. Fading color also brings in dry and frizzy hair. Be sure to use a color safe shampoo or an all natural cleanser.

All of these signs apply to all hair types but the next one is especially for those with naturally curly hair like myself.

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Lack of Elasticity

This is when you pull, comb or manipulate your hair in any way and it does not snap back into place as it once was. Meaning you have no shrinkage. If their is no shrinkage you either have a very loose texture or your once curly hair is now straight. Using direct heat can cause heat damage in which your hair loses its natural elasticity.