Natural Hair: Twist Out Using NEW Eco Custard

Hey Curlies,

Today was wash day for me and I really wanted to wear my hair out this week. I decided that a twist out would be one of the best ways to go about this. During my wash, I used the following products:

I washed my hair in two sections and finger detangled while the conditioner was on. I then proceed to wrap my hair in a cotton t-shirt to soak up the water. I left the t-shirt on for about 30 minutes. The purpose of using a t-shirt and not a towel is that a towel can disturb your curl pattern as well as cause frizz.

From there I sectioned my hair off into about 3 inch sections and used the tension method to blow dry each section and then immediately twisting my hair using the Eco Custard and Vitamin E oil. Over all I did about 30 medium sized twists.
I left the twists in overnight and these were my results in the morning.