Hair Care: Top 10 Foods For Healthy Hair

Hey Curlies,

I have a special guest post about foods that are essential for hair growth. This article was submitted by Marcela.

Healthy hair is hard to maintain in a world where hair products filled with chemicals are almost a necessity. Add heat and chemical damage to that and you have a recipe for unhealthy hair. Of course you can try a dozen different repair products to get your hair back to its healthiest, but sometimes the natural way is best. Believe it or not, there are plenty of foods that can make your hair as healthy as possible. 
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 The fatty omega-3 acid found in salmon is essential to helping your body grown hair. Hair needs essential oils to stay hydrated and keep dandruff away, which fatty acids can achieve. Salmon is also filled with vitamin B12 and iron, which can keep hair strong. If you don’t like the taste of salmon, the other fish that have the same properties are trout, herring, and mackerel. Eggs Who knew that it only took a nutritious breakfast to have a healthier head of hair? Eggs, whether they are scrambled, fried, or sunny side up, are filled with many nutrients. Protein is a major asset for hair health. Eggs are also filled with vitamin B-12, biotin, zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron. 

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 Carrots Carrots are said to be extremely good for your eyesight, but did you know that it’s also a great resource for your hair? Carrots are filled with vitamin A, the same vitamin that helps vision, which creates a healthy scalp. While you can eat them cooked and still have the essential nutrients, you can get more of the vitamin if you eat it raw. 

Whole Grains There is a wide variety of foods filled with whole grains, including breakfast cereals, bread, rice, and even popcorn. These whole grains have zinc, vitamin B, and iron in it, which are all great for hair.

 Beans One of the best foods for your hair is also the smallest. Kidney beans, lentils, and soybeans are chock full of protein, zinc, biotin, and iron, which all promote hair growth. You can eat them in salads, soups, or chili to get the full benefits. 

Greek Yogurt If you want a food option that’s low in fat but also great for your hair, then look no further than Greek yogurt. It’s filled with protein, vitamin D, and vitamin B5, the latter of which is often found in regular hair care products. In fact, Greek yogurt is often used as the main ingredient for home-recipe deep conditioners! 

Dark Green Veggies Spinach and other dark green veggies are a great source for iron. Iron ensures that your hair grows strong and doesn’t fall out as often. Spinach is also filled with beta carotene and vitamin C which are great for hair hydration and supplying essential oils. 

Walnuts While many nuts are filled with perks for your hair, such as zinc, but walnuts are the best. Walnuts are the only nuts that have enough omega-3 fatty acids to make a difference on your hair and scalp. They also have vitamin E and biotin, to stop further hair damage. 

Sweet Potatoes If you are low on Vitamin A, you may find yourself with a scalp full of dandruff that itches. Sweet potatoes are filled with beta carotene which becomes vitamin A within your body. 

Blueberries The vitamin C in blueberries is important keep your hair from breaking or having split ends. It also promotes circulation in your scalp, so that you can prevent dandruff and itchiness. While many foods can keep your hair healthy and prevent future damage, you also have to keep in mind that it’s important to use high quality products for your hair. These foods can do a lot for your hair’s health but they still need that extra boost of a great hair product.