ClassyCurly Profile: Zeigler

Hey Curlies,

Here is another ClassyCurly profile!

Name: Zeigler
Social Media Names:  @ZEIGality (Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest,Tumblr)
Hair Type: Mostly 4a with a little of 3c

How long have you been natural?:     
My last perm(relaxer) was February 2012 and I transitioned for 10 months and finally big chopped December 17th,2012.I have been natural for 18 months.

Why did you go natural?:        
I always danced around the idea of going natural but I was very scared and nervous of what others would think.I seriously thought about it for two years before I actually did it but that followed a lot of breakage from relaxers and it never grew past a certain length without breakage. Once I started doing my own research, I became obsessed and I fell in love with Nikki Mae!

A short regimen you can share:         
Oh man...this depends on the week lol.I just found out I have low porosity hair so now I'm rinsing my hair with baking soda and water once a month. I am deep conditioning to make sure moisture is getting into my hair cuticle! I shampoo every week or every other week depending on my schedule. If I shampoo I also deep condition! (VO5, raw shea butter,honey or olive oil or both and I like it to be mixed and warmed up!) I will let that sit overnight or sit with a knitted hat on for a few hours then I will rinse and style my hair.

What are some of your favorite products?:   
VO5 conditioners, Almond oil, Eco Styler gel, Raw Shea butter and Kinky Curly Knot Today and my curls love HONEY!

What are some of your favorite styles?:        
I refuse to comb my hair more than once a week.When I have my wash days, I usually do a protective style like twist outs,braids outs or coil outs. I will leave my hair twisted or braided for a few days than mid week or end of week let my hair out.

Since my my hair is still pretty short,I just rock a stretched out fro or a frohawk or if I don't have time I will just throw my hair into a puff.

What is your most favorite and least thing about being natural?:    
My favorite thing would be my newly found confidence! I realize I was very concerned about the thoughts of others and now I'm truly in love with my natural self and it is an amazing feeling! My least favorite thing would be having to detangle lol.

What is one piece of advice that all women should have(pertaining to confidence)?:         
You define your beauty! Everything about you is perfect so don't compare yourself to anyone else! Always love yourself!

What natural hair bloggers/vloggers inspire you?:  
Nikki Mae is where it all began for me! She was my first natural hair blogger!....
I have not found my hair twin yet but Ms Ariella89 has inspired me to do braid outs. Also
@Nubiinteriors and @XoJoclo on Instagram!

Do you have any advice on going natural?:   
If you have thought about it, do it and stay committed to your journey! It will not always be easy but I promise you it will be worth it!