Wash Day: Two Strand Twist Protective Style

Hey Curlies,

Today I finally got a chance to wash my hair. It had been almost two weeks since my last wash. Just as last time I used similar products.

Products Used:

To begin I spritzed my hair with water and split my hair into 4 sections. With each section I finger detangled then used a wide toothed comb to get any left over shed hairs.

I applied my cowash before getting into the shower(weird huh?). With this method it helped me cut down my wash time in the shower because sometimes it feels as if I am in there forever! I applied the cowash to each section starting at the roots and then covering the entire length of my hair in the section. From there I twisted that section back up and moved on to the next.

In the shower I rinsed each section individually while finger detangling and applying my conditioner. Once out the shower I wrapped my head in a towel for about 15 minutes then proceeded to style my hair.

While working with each section I broke that into 3 smaller sections. I ended up with 12 two strand twists. I applied my leave in conditioner to each piece then applied the grapeseed oil following. 

Once all the twists were finished I cross wrapped them into a protective style. I plan on doing a twist out in the next few days but I have a feeling they won't be dry by the morning. Until then, I think that this is a great two strand twist protective style.