Natural Hair Style: 4th of July Twist n Curl

Hey Curlies,

Continuing with my weekly wash, I washed and conditioned with the U R Curly line and deep conditioned with the Amika Olive Oil Mask.

Detangled in 6 sections and then washed in the sections as well. 

My hair after the wash and condition...

From there my hair was a breeze to detangle since I had previously detangled before the wash and a little in the shower. I decided to do a twist n curl so I wrapped my hair in a T-shirt for about an hour and then began creating my style using flexi rods.

The next morning after taking out the rods: by the way, I didn't sleep well at all with those things 

 After the untwist:

That was my final look! Usually twist n curls last me about 4-5 days.