Natural Hair: Will Blow Drying Cause Heat Damage?

Hey Curlies,

One of the best things about having naturally curly hair is its versatility. You can wear it curly one day, then straight the next, but the one thing you need to be aware of is heat damage.

But anytime you pick up a heat tool, I'm sure you ask yourself, will I get heat damage?

The most common two ways of blow drying your hair are sitting under a hooded dryer and using a hand-held dryer. Here is the break down.

Will blow drying natural hair cause heat damage - ClassyCurlies

Hooded Dryer

-This heat isn't direct heat and is more of a heat level that is spread.
-One of the safer ways of blow drying hair

Hand-Held Blow Dryer

-This heat is direct because the heat is all going to one area of your hair
-This heat is one that can cause heat damage if done extensively on high heat.

Will blow drying natural hair cause heat damage - ClassyCurlies
Blow dried hair from 2013
Always remember to use a heat protectant with any of these methods. To see a list of recommendations, click here. Grapeseed oil is also a fantastic heat protectant.

Be sure to also blow dry your hair, especially if using a hand-held dryer, on the lowest setting possible. This will reduce the chance of heat damage.

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Will you get heat damage from blow drying?

To be honest, I can't answer that question for you because everyone's hair is different. I will say that I have become more comfortable with heat over the last few years because I have been taking the right precautions to use heat styling tools. 

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Bottom line, be careful with your hair when using heat. Each and every time you use heat on your hair, there is a possibility of heat damage, but using heat protectants and limiting the amount of heat used on your hair each session, can greatly reduce your chances of damage.