ClassyCurly Profile: Erykah Chanel

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Name: Erykah Chanel
Social Media names: Erykah Chanel 
Hair Type: Natural Curls
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How long have you been natural? 
Since 2007, but I always had my hair blow dried and in some style. I remember one day I was in college and a girl was like "oh you got a perm, it looks good" and I said "well thank you, but its no perm I just blow dried it." She didn't believe me and thought I was lying. I didn't understand why she was upset nor believed me.I thought to myself who lies about stuff like that, but that was the eye opener to me that I didn't need to get perms anymore especially if people thought I already had one. I didn't embrace my natural curls until the summer of 2010.

Why did you go natural? 

My hair is pretty fine so there was no point in getting perms anymore because I didn't like my hair being dead straight after getting them. Also I just really feel good and like the idea of embracing my good/natural hair and allowing it to be healthy.

When did you Big chop? 

I actually never went for the big chop, I was too scared lol so I did it the long way. Kept getting my hair done and cutting off a few inches at a time. Which now that I think about it was such a process. If I would of known more at the time about going natural then I would of just did the "big chop" and got my hair braided with singles or in a style and kept it up until I was a bit more comfortable with the length to rock it as it was.

A short regimen you can share?

I use natural olive oil (used for cooking) for my deep conditioning which leaves my hair feeling great and moist. I put it in my hair let it sit for 30-45 mins depending upon if I have a dryer to sit under or not then wash it out and decide how i am going to stye it. I do this every other week. But I know thisworks for me it might not work for everyone else, you must know yourself/hair first. I have fine hair, but it is also dry

Do you have any favorite products?

Olive Oil Organic Roots shampoo & Conditioner. And also I really love the Olive Cream by Hollywood Beauty, its more dry hair and is enriched with 4 oils and vitamins A, B, C, & E. Love using it for my bantu twist outs.

Do you have any advice on going natural? 

Do your research,  try to figure out your hair type and talk to others with the same kind of hair. Most importantly is experimenting with different products. This can get a bit expensive if not done right, but if you are really unsure set up a consultation with a natural hair dresser and get their opinions. On the flip side have fun trying different styles and see what works best for you and your face shape. It will be some work, but once you know what your doing your going to love & enjoy it!

What are some of your favorite styles?

I love to wear my hair in a mohawk either braided and or with my natural hair just pinned up. I also enjoy my afro. Now that the Spring/Summer is here though I am probably going to hair it braided a lot more. I find it easier to maintain esp since I like to work out and natural hair & working out don't always go hand and hand.

What is your most favorite and most least favorite about natural hair?
Favorite would be the freedom of it and to just know that I can wash my hair leave it with some leave in conditioner and be on my merry way sometimes. A lot of woman are not comfortable walking in public with an afro, for a while I wasn't myself, but am so happy I have the confidence to do so! Least favorite would be how it doesn't really mix with the gym unless braided. Also the fact that sometimes it can be some work in trying trying new styles and if it doesn't look good then back to the drawing board.

Since this is a site about natural hair and embracing what one has, 
what is one piece of advice that all women should have? 

My advice is to experiment and have fun. We all have one life to live, plus the topic is hair,it will grow back for the most part and if not and or too damaged that's why you can buy it lol. But the most important thing is learn about your hair and don't damage it. Once you start to damaging its a long road back to recovery. Have confidence & be enjoy the freedom of it. I love it and am so happy I have embraced my natural side, wish I would of done so long before! At least give it a try!!

Anything else to add?

I wished more people embraced natural hair and it was shown more thought the media. I feel like as #teamnaturalhair we have to band together and put ourselves out there more with pictures, education and facts. I think its important to inform people and to to let them know it's okay to go natural. I say that because for me growing up my sisters and I have always had good hair but as we got older we all decided to go our own route with it. Me on the other hand it wasn't a choice for me when it happened. I had lost my job for a period in time and couldn't afford to go get my hair done like I did on a regular bases nor buy weaves. I couldn't see myself trying to balance things around just so I can get my hair done. So I tried the "wet look" as I called it and at first didn't know how I felt about it really, it was a lot for me to embrace. But after I did and got comfortable with it,  I loved it and ran with it and am so happy I did till this day. I also loved it because with me modeling it gave me a "look" compared to my hair just being straight which I wanted for so long and did't know it was there the whole time.