Product Review: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser

Hey Curlies,

In my last post, I spoke about how I got a chance to try four new products. One of the products was the new Shea Moisture Co-Wash. I've been trying to get my hands on this product for the last month and I finally got my products in the mail from Shea Moisture.
What it Contains:
Deionized Water, Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut)*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter*, Cetyl Esters, Kaolin Clay, Grapeseed Oil, Simmondsia chinensis seed (Jojoba) Oil, Behentrimonium Chloride (Conditioner), Hibiscus, Sabdariffa Extract, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Melia Azadirachta (Neem) Seed Oil, Sorbital Esters, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), African Black Soap Extract, Sea Salt, Rosemary Extract, Caprylyl Glycol

What it claims to do:
Cleanse hair without stripping the hair of its natural oils

To cleanse hair

My Review:
I was so excited to finally try this product. At first glance, I was sort of taken aback by the size of the bottle. For some reason the bottle looked at lot bigger in photos and I thought it would be a bit wider. The product smells exactly like the other products in the coconut and hibiscus line. Since the top of the bottle comes out as a squeeze top, the product comes out as a lotion. My hair did become very clean after a couple of washes. I washed only my scalp. If you are expecting a lather with this product, you will most likely experience little to no lather. I was impressed when I didn't experience the dry and brittleness of my hair after washing. This was just a sign that my hair was not stripped.

A couple of things that I didn't like as much were the price. Although, I did not pay for this product, I am sure many of you will. For $11.99 you get a 8oz bottle of product. I felt as if I used a lot of the product to get my hair clean and I will probably get only a few more washes out of it.

I would recommend this product for those who do not experience lots of dandruff or if a quick wash is needed for some reason. Overall, I give this product a 5 out of 5.

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