Natural Hair: "Weird Straight Hairs"

Hey Curlies,

I always read different forums or see social media postings about people who have this problem. I actually have the problem myself. Do you have random straight hairs floating around in your tightly curled hair texture? Me too!
Days after my BC-2011
I first discovered this a few days after my big chop. Although I believed that I had cut all of the relaxer out of my head, I still noticed small straight hairs. Since I was a newly natural then, I decided that maybe I hadn't cut my hair like I should have and proceeded to keep cutting. Now I know that I was actually cutting my hair for no reason.

A few months passed and I still noticed these weird straight hairs when I wore puffs or wore my hair out. It is not a visible thing to others unless you are staring at my hair.

Two weeks ago, my friend is talking to me and is playing in my hair as she speaks, which she does frequently,  not a big deal. She says, "Hey do you know you have some straight pieces of hair in your head?"

So that same day, I decided to take this picture:
My "weird hairs"- April 2013
I know you see it! Those very weird straight hairs. No matter how often I trim my ends, they still hang on. They do not conflict with styling my hair or any other matter, they are just...interesting.

So do I have a solution? No, not at all. Although I call this a "problem" it really isn't. I just wanted to show you all my little "problem" also. If those "weird hairs" are not directly effecting your hair regimen or styling technique, leave them be.

If you use heat often, you could have heat damage. If you haven't trimmed your ends in a while, it could be about that time. In my case, I have none of those issues. Just "weird straight hairs."

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