Upcoming Natural Hair Events (February 2013)

Hey Curlies,

I have a few events that I thought would be good to share with you all. This weekend their will be two big events pertaining to natural hair care in Indianapolis, Indiana and Silver Spring, Maryland.

I will personally be at this event this weekend and I'm really excited. I haven't had the chance to attend one of the Indianapolis events in a while so it should be fun. If you are interested in more details, click here.

Another event that is going on is a product launch party. The event is a collaboration with N Natural Hair Studio and Black Women Natural Hairstyles.

To register to attend the BWNH Naturals Product Launch, please RSVP here. N Natural Hair Studio is located at 11207B Lockwood Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20901.

N Natural Hair Studio is proud to team up with Black Women Natural Hairstyles for its BWNH Naturals Product Launch on Saturday, February 23 from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. The first 100 guests in attendance will receive complimentary products from the BWNH Naturals line including a sample size moisturizer and Herbal Hair Tea: Overall Hair Nourishment.

About N Natural Hair StudioWe, at N Natural Hair Studio, believe in promoting an afro-centered aesthetic. We believe all textures of hair are manageable given the proper care and usage of products. We have found healthy tresses to be the foundation for a good style and strive to keep all of our clients hair in a healthy state. We believe the foundation to healthy hair is regular hair treatments and proper home care. Wearing your natural hair in a stylish fashion is not an option it’s the only way. Our hair defies gravity, it makes a statement and commands attention. We make sure it stays healthy and you’re able to flaunt your coils, curls and kinks as they were created to be admired.

About Black Women Natural HairstylesBWNH Naturals was created for the need of nourishing and healing products. BWNH has combined a variety of herbs and oils for your specific hair needs. Ebony Thwaites created BWNH nourishing products, at first just for friends and family. Now they are for you! The goal for BWNH is to continue to discover and research better products that are beneficial and safe for all. BWNH products are never tested on animals and made with natural and organic ingredients.