Hair Care: New Products (February Curlkit)

Hey Curlies,

I got a few new products early last week and I just wanted to share them with you. These items came in my Curlkit and this was my favorite kit thus far. Here are a few photos:

 I've never used Jamaican Black Castor oil before, but I have heard wonderful things about its hair growth properties. Many people use it to regrow their edges.

I thought this travel pack was so cute! At first glance I though that they were too small, but it turned out to be just enough. This pack came with a shampoo, deep conditioner and a leave in conditioner. The only product I've tried is the leave in conditioner during my transitioning days.
Here are some of the other things that came in the kit. I also have never tried the conditioner from the Giovanni line. A product from Oyin Handmade and Cantu are also new.

Short.Sweet and to the point.