Hair Care: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hey Curlies,

Sunday night, I began to experiment with a few of the products that I received in my February Curlkit. I was really interested in trying out the Jamaican Black Castor oil(JBCO) because I've heard that it great for promoting healthy hair. Many people use it to regrow hair in problem areas or to thicken their hair. Here was how I used it.

Now, before using this oil, I read some reviews on it. I continued to run into people complaining about the smell so I was curious...

Normally I smell anything before I put it on my head because if it smells nasty, no matter how great it may be for my hair, I've already dismissed the idea. For some reason I did not smell this oil before applying, I think I just forgot.

Once applying the oil to the sections of my hair, it hit me...that smell. It honestly smells like burnt barbecue sauce to me. It reminds me of when I went to a bon fire and I left with the burnt wood smell in my hair. To say the least, it was not my favorite smell. I soon styled my hair in a twist n curl and the next morning the scent on my hair was strong. I may use this oil every now and then, but not very often.

Today is the second day of this style and the smell has actually gone away. Here were my pros and cons of JBCO.



What has been your experience with JBCO?