Hair Care: The Benefits of Tea Rinsing

Hey Curlies,

In my last post, I described my wash routine and the products I used. I also told you all how I used black tea  with my regular regimen. I had been hearing about the uses of black tea and I'd thought I'd give it a shot.

It's crazy because I've been drinking a cup of tea almost daily since December and I never knew how beneficial it could be not only for our bodies, but our hair too.

benefits of tea rinsing


  • Helps reduce shedding (main benefit)
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Can bring out your natural hair color or darken hair
  • Promote hair growth (with the use of caffeine)
We all know that tea has lots of caffeine in it,but that ingredient is what helps keep our hair strong. When I used black tea for the first time, here were my steps:
  • Boiled 2 black tea bags on the stove
  • Cowashed hair
  • Let the tea cool on the stove (If in a rush, transfer to a container and sit in the fridge for a few minutes. Ice can also be added to cool it down)
  • Transfer the tea into a smaller container that you are comfortable working with
  • Use a cup to catch the tea and then pour it on to my head
  • Let sit for about 2-3 minutes then rinse
  • Add conditioner to hair and proceed as normal (ex: Deep condition or style)
It does not matter which brand you choose to use, they all will help strengthen your hair. You can also leave the tea on for longer(ex:30 minutes) or let the tea brew over night. Green  and white tea can also be used. These teas have a lower count of caffeine, but it depends on your hair's reaction.

This would be good for people who are looking to hide their unwanted grey hairs. Be sure not to use this method too often. Too much caffeine may do more harm than good. I will be tea rinsing about once a month.

Give it a try. What were your results?