The Transitioning Series: Why Protective Style if Transtioning?

Hey Curlies,

This is a very popular question that I've been getting. People are confused on, why should they continue with protective styling if they are transitioning to natural hair and will be cutting off the relaxed hair eventually?

That's a very good question...

I too had this very same question when I was transitioning and now that I am fully natural, it all makes sense.

Answer here!!!

The reason why protective styling is still important is because it helps with breakage,shedding and the overall condition of your hair while going through the transitioning process. The place where the relaxed hair and natural hair meet is called the line demarcation. This line is very sensitive and prone to breakage. The less you have to deal with the two textures. The less breakage you will have.

The reason why I had to go from bra strap length hair to shoulder length hair is because I did not take advantage of protective styles and my relaxed ends began to break off really bad. Doing protective styles can help you keep the relaxed ends longer if you plan to be a long term transitioner.


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