Natural Hair: Mini Twist Update Week 1

Hey Curlies,

I have now had my mini twist in for almost two weeks and they are still going strong. My scalp is a bit itchy because I am used to washing my hair weekly. As soon as these come out, I am running to the shower to washing my hair.

I am going to start pinning them up a little more often because I wear different coats and scarves now that it is cold outside and I don't want my ends to break off.

In the morning and at night, I have been spraying my hair and scalp with my spray bottle mixture or using jojoba oil to seal in the moisture. I can see a bit of build up on my scalp which is unusual considering I have only been using oil and water. I think that my problem may be that my scalp is very much exposed and so all of the dirt and oil in the air is attracting to my hair.

I am going to keep these in until the 20th. I'll probably do a twist out a couple of days before washing. A few days ago I had gotten sort of lazy with wrapping my twist and pinning them at night to stretch. I tried to just put my twist in a high bun hoping that it would have the same effect as wrapping them, but it did not. My twist were shrunken the next morning. I've been back to wrapping them at night. Just trying to not be lazy. lol I'll keep you all updated!