Natural Hair Care: Style of the Day

Hey Curlies,

I washed my hair on Sunday and while creating my protective style, I used this gel that I normally do not use and I couldn't remember why. To peek my curiosity, I used it and the following morning I remembered why I didn't like it.

My edges flaked up so bad! I think that it could be the gel mixing with the very cold air ( no joke, the high was 10 degrees a few days ago). I'm not sure what happened, but all I knew is that I couldn't walk around looking flakey for the rest of the week.

I washed my hair again using, Curly Hair Solutions shampoo and conditioning with TRESemme Naturals conditioner. I didn't have time to deep condition.

I applied Kinky Curly Knot Today detangler along with Curly Hair Solutions leave in conditioner. I then sealed with melted Shea Butter. I did not detangle at all. It is very rare of me to style on wet, undetangled hair. I threw the back up into a puff and created twists in the front. I used Aloe Vera gel(what I normally use) this time around for my edges. Here are the results:

My puff was not crunch or hard the next morning and surprising my hair was 90% dry the next morning.

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