Natural Hair Care: Keeping Your Edges Moisturized

Hey Curlies,

In the natural hair community, we constantly talk about moisturizing and sealing our hair. I know that I really concentrate on the ends of my hair and the crown. These are the two areas that need the most attention,right?

Have you neglected the edges of your hair?

This is also a very fragile part of your hair because the hair is usually finer and a lot shorter than the rest of your hair. Pamper your edges.

Be sure not do put too much stress on the hair line when creating up-do styles and/ or buns/ponytails. This is the major cause of breakage in this area. Over the past couple of months, I have been using extra virgin coconut oil on my edges and they are very soft and smooth. Essentially you can use any oil or moisturizer on your edges, just do not neglect them.

Here is my routine to pamper my edges:

I usually do this routine every day or every other day. Coconut oil is on of the very few oils that absorb into the scalp.