Hair Care: OBI Natural Hair Care Giveaway (Opens 2/1/13)

Hey Curlies,

As promised, I have been talking on my FB and Twitter pages about the next upcoming giveaway. OBI Natural Hair Care will be the official sponsor of this giveaway and I am so excited to work with them again.

The giveaway will open on February 1,2013 and will close on Valentine's Day, February 14,2013. There will be three winners announced a few days after the giveaway closes. The three prizes will be the three products from the OBI line that I reviewed a few weeks ago. The link below will direct you to the product review of the line.

  1. Curl Enhancing Custard
  2. Curl Moisture Cream
  3. Curl Hydration Spray
This gives you all two weeks to enter. Look for the official giveaway post soon or you can also enter by clicking the entry link that I will provide on this post once the giveaway opens. Here is the link: