Hair Care:Porosity

Hey Curlies,
Ever moisturize and seal your hair and then by the end of the day your hair feels dry and rough? It seems as if all of your hard work was for nothing. This is where knowing your hair's porosity will come in handy.

Porosity is basically your hair's ability to hold moisture. Some people's hair seem to always be soft, shiny and moisturized while others not so much. You can beat this trick your hair plays on you just by knowing. This is determined by the way that the cuticle(outer most layer) lays.

Low Porosity (Compact):
-Your hair tends to have a hard time absorbing moisture, but has no problem holding on to it.If you are washing your hair in the shower, at the first sight of water, the water just seems to bounce off and not really absorb right away. You only need to moisturize your hair everyday to every couple of days.(The cuticle is more restricted)

High Porosity(Porous):
-Your hair tends to absorb moisture easily and has a hard time holding on to it.Your hair needs to be moisturized many times a day. (The cuticle is raised)

I definitely have low porosity hair. When it rains and I'm outside, my hair hardly ever gets "wet." The water just bounces off. Want to know your level?

The Test:
Find a piece of shed hair in your daily styling tools. Shed hair is hair that has a small white ball on the tip. If you do not see the white tip, it is a broken hair and cannot be used for this test. Once a hair is found, drop the hair into a glass of water. If the hair sinks quickly, it has high porosity because it adsorbed the water quickly. If the hair floats at the top for a while it has low porosity because it has trouble absorbing the water. If the hair slowly sinks, the porosity is normal.


Nappturalite Radio Co-host Segment

Hey Curlies,

This is just a quick informational post, but I wanted to let you all know that I will be co-hosting the Nappturalite Radio Show tomorrow(8/30) tomorrow at 7 p.m.

The show's topic will be on Aloe Vera and the different ways it can be used. Also, in the world of hair, Jane Carter from Jane Carter's Solutions will be present as well as Tracey Wilder of Bee Mine Products and Scarlett Rocourt from Wonder Curl.

The show is from 7 p.m. to 9p.m. EST I will also be in the Nappturalite Community chat room answering questions and talking with you all. The show can be streamed through the link below. Also you can listen to the show on this site on the right column is the widget.

Listen here 


ClassyCurly Profile: Nicol

Hey Curlies,

Here is another fabulous natural hair profile featuring Ms. Nicol.

Name: Nicol
Social Media: NaturalNicki718
Hair Type: 4A

How long have you been natural?

May 2012 (last relaxer Sept. 2011)

Why did you go natural? 

Relaxers made my hair super thin.As I got older  it got progressively worse.

When did you Big chop? 

May 2012

A short regimen you can share? 

Every two days before my shower I put castor oil at my roots and massage.I no longer use a shower cap.I let the mist of the water and heat from shower serve as a hot oil treatment.It works wonders to soften and moisturize.I do not rinse it out.

Do you have any Favorite Products? 

Giovanni Deeper Moisturizer and Shea Moisturizer Leave In Conditioner. 

Do you have any advice on Going Natural?

Don't give up.It's the best thing you can do for your hair!


Best Gels for Natural Hair

Hey Curlies,

As you all may know, I am not a huge fan of gel. However, over the last several months I have found a few different brands that help me out in my times of need.

Here is my list of recommend gels and their uses.

  • Ampro Olive Oil Gel: I discovered this gel a few months ago when I received my July Curlkit. I used this gel just as an experiment while creating medium sized twists. It turns out that that my twist-out was very defined and lasted almost 5 days. A record for me
  • Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel: With this gel, you can either buy the plant and use the gel directly from it, or buy a bottle at your local store. I began using this brand last year to smooth down my very fine hairs in the front. It has a light hold, but works well with the gel-scarf method
  • Ampro Silk Edges Gel: I also discovered this new product in my June Curlkit and the first time I used it, I fell in love. This product is designed to be used only at the hairline. I had never seen my edges lay as flat as they were since I'v been natural. Good stuff!
  • Eco Styler Gel: In the past, I have used this gel while doing rollers sets and it does have a strong hold. I also know a lot of women who use this during their wash n go process.
What are some of your favorite gels?


Natural Hair: Does Cowashing Cause Product Buildup?

Hey Curlies,

One of the ways that those with curly hair cleanse their scalp is the idea of co-washing. Co-washing is using conditioner to cleanse your hair instead of shampoo. This way the hair isn't stripped of it's natural oils, but instead add moisture to the hair.

Many people claim that co-washing makes their hair feel a lot softer and moisturized compared to shampoo. For some, this method works great, while for others they are experiencing some difficulties.

A woman who co-washes her hair most of  the time told me that she had been experiencing lots of buildup and an itchy scalp lately. She wants to know if it is directly related to co-washing.

Does cowashing cause product buildup on natural hair ? - ClassyCurlies

I co-wash every now and then (only in the summer) if I feel that my hair seems a bit dry. I love the results that I get, but I also experience an itchy scalp from time to time.

Q: Does Co-washing really lead to buildup and an itchy scalp?

A: I believe that everyone's hair is different, but I also believe that if hair is co-washed for an extended period of time before it is thoroughly cleansed with shampoo, it will cause buildup and an irritated scalp.

If you love to co-wash, but are having a bit of trouble, try alternating between shampooing and co-washing. That way, at least the scalp will be completely clean on one wash and the other wash can be dedicated to co-washing (adding moisture).

Conditioners do have mild cleansing agents, but they do not remove buildup the way shampoo does. The irritated scalp is probably due to buildup.

What is your favorite product to cowash with?

Heat Damaged vs. Heat Trained Hair

Hey Curlies,

I have yet to straighten my hair because I am still learning new ways to complete the process with minimum heat damage. This happens when the hair strands are broken down and extreme amounts of heat are used. This permanently straightens the hair.

To help minimize damage, it is always best to use a heat protectant. That way, once the straightened hair is washed, it will revert back to it's curly state.

Lots of women who are natural decided to straighten their hair every now and then to achieve a new look. I am all for this! I think that this is one of the best things about being natural is its versatility.

Now what's the difference from heat damaged hair and heat trained hair? Let's take a look.

Heat Damaged Hair:
  • Look going for: A straight and sleek look temporarily
  • The results: Hair that has been under extreme temperatures and will not revert back to it's curly state, it will continue to stay straight or a looser curl pattern will appear even when washed
Heat Trained Hair:
  • Look going for: A straight look that will be permanent
  • The results: Hair continues to stay straight at does not curl back up even when washed
Q: Some people ask.. "Are you still natural if this happens"?

A: Yes, your hair is still natural, but it's proteins have been broken down. So in a sense, both cause damage to your hair.

The point is, some people would like to be natural and continue to wear their hair in straight and sleek styles. If their desire is to wear their hair straight most of the time, these people will probably call their hair "heat trained." While others may only want to achieve this style a few times a year and if their hair does not revert back to curls they may call this "heat damage." It really depends on what the person's goal is.

For example:
If I ever straightened my hair and after a wash, it didn't revert back to curls, I would be upset and call this "heat damage" because I want the best of both worlds. Both curly and straight. I can't achieve that if my hair will not curl back up.

Things to remember:
  • Proteins break at 311 degrees F
  • Hair loses water at 122-248 degrees F
  • Hair burns at 451 degrees F
Here is a good example that should help with understanding. Always do what works for you!

Similar topics:


Natural Hair: Caring For Children's Hair

Hey Curlies,

If you all have been following me for a while, you know that I do not have any children, but I have been around them for a while.

I got an email from a woman about how she should care for her daughter's hair. Essentially, you handle children's hair in the same manner that you would handle any adult who has natural hair. Here are a few tips:

  • Protective styling is always very beneficial and easiest when it comes to caring for children's hair. Children are very active, in that way, they don't worry about hair health. Braids, twists, and updos are best and help retain length and moisture
  • If there isn't enough time in the day to moisturize your child's hair every night. At  the very least, spray a little bit of a leave-in conditioner on it, or oil/water mix
  • As adults, to care for our hair at night we wear a bonnet or satin scarf. If you know that this routine will not work for your child, at least buy a satin pillow case for them to sleep on
  • Wash routine depends on the child, you'll figure out a routine based on how their hair behaves. Always use sulfate-free shampoo and follow up with a conditioner.If you would like to get fancy, you can even deep condition the child's hair every now and then
  • When creating hair styles, be sure to detangle carefully using a wide toothed comb. Always start from the ends and work your way up. Please remember not to create styles that pull the hair too much. I can't tell you how many times I've seen children with while bumps on their scalp or complain about a headache because their hair was done too tight. This stress can cause breakage.

Product Review: Lilla Rose Rays of Sunshine Head Band

Hey Curlies,

I got a special gift in the mail a while ago and I think it's so adorable!
The head band is from Lilla Rose which sells tons of hair accessories including hair clips, bands, pins and sticks. I know a woman by the name of Renee who is a consultant with the company.

My Review:

I really like this headband and when I was approached with this product, I thought, why not? I looked at several of their accessories and the head bands suit me most because I would wear them more than any other accessory. I really like the fact that the head band is beaded, which caught my attention. The beads come in different shades of brown and are very detailed.

Another thing I liked is that the back piece of the head band is elastic and adjustable. It's very hard for me to fall in love with hair accessories that hurt. I wore it and got lots of compliments on it. Most of all, I did not have a headache by the end of the day.

Overall, I give this product a 5 out of 5 for being both stylish and comfortable. If you are looking for elegant hair accessories for special events or even everyday wear, you should check out Lilla Rose. To purchase this product, click here. To check out the other accessories that this company has to offer, visit the site at

P.S: Look out for this product as an upcoming giveaway!


Natural Hair: Twist-out vs. Braid-out

Hey Curlies,

There are many different options as far as styling and stretching natural hair. Braid-outs and twist-outs are by far some of the most popular styles.

I ask people this question and I also get asked this question a lot:
"What do you like better, a braid-outs or twist-outs"?

They both show some length,but the style as far a definition is definitely different.

Done on wet hair
Done on fully dried hair

  • Seems to show more of your length if done on fully dried hair
  • Gives more of a wave pattern
  • Have best results when braids are left in for a few days
The photos above are only one month apart. See the difference on the fully dried hair?


These are definitely my signature style.
Day 1 Hair
Day 4 Hair
Day 2 Hair
  • Gives more of a curl pattern
  • Best results are when the twists are worn for a few days
  • Length depends on if twists are done on wet or dry hair
  • Twists and twist-outs seems to shrink as the days go on
Overall, if you are looking for more length, I would say that a braid-out would be best because as time goes on, the braid doesn't shrink as much as twists do.

This is probably just me, but I found that my braid-outs do not hold definition as long as a twist-out. I think this is because when un-braiding, the three strands cause more frizz than just un-twisting two strands on twists.

Here are tutorials on both:

Which do you like better and why? Share you ideas!

Washing Braids with Extensions

Hey Curlies,
I have been fighting myself for the last week to not wash my hair. Today has been a little over two weeks since I've gotten my box braids done and washed before the process. I finally decided to wash because classes start tomorrow and I know I will have no time.

Here's what I did:

  • Once the bottles were filled with both product and water, I shook them to mix the contents
  • I wet my hair and then squeezed the diluted shampoo only on to my scalp then very lightly massaged
  • Rinsed then did the same routine with the conditioner
  • I then blow-dried the ends a little
I did not deep condition, just because I do not feel like it is as effective as doing it on loose hair. I will definitely follow up with one after my braids are out.

I did wash my hair in the kitchen this time because the sprayer attached to the sink is very powerful at removing buildup.

I normally do not flip my hair over in the sink because it causes lots of detangling and other issues. For more on this click here. Since I currently do not have to worry about detangling, this worked great.


Natural Hair: The Baggy Method

Hey Curlies,

I constantly get questions about ways to retain length and moisture. Later on I will do a post simply on that concept, but for now I want to inform you all of another way of achieving both.

The baggy method is a way to get soft and moisturized hair everyday. It is also a very simple concept. This method is similar to deep conditioning because they both trap in the moisture.

How to (Option one)

  • Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner or moisturizer
  • On top of your previous product, apply your favorite oil to seal
  • Add a plastic shower cap, grocery bag or things similar to your entire head
  • Go to bed
This method creates a steam effect that will soften your hair.

How to (Option two)
  • Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner or moisturizer
  • On top of your previous product, apply your favorite oil to seal
  • Pull your hair into a high ponytail. Be sure that it is a loose ponytail
  • Add a plastic shower cap, grocery bag or things similar to only the ends. This is the hair that qualifies as the ponytail.
  • To keep the cap in place, use a elastic band or rubber band to secure it. Be sure that the band is tied around the plastic and not your hair
  • Go to bed
This method is similar to the method above, but it only moisturizes the ends of your hair. This would be great if your ends seem a bit rough or dry.

Be sure not to add too much product. You only want to use about a nickel to quarter-sized amount of both moisturizer and oil.

In the morning simply remove the cap and go. Both of these methods can also be used on protective styles such a braids and twists. If you decide to go that route, it is best to use a leave-in conditioning spray instead of a cream based moisturizer.


Essential Oils/Carrier Oils

Hey Curlies,

The key to hair growth is constantly moisturizing the hair and trapping in that moisture. A great way to seal in the moisture is to use essential oils.

The common list of essential oils used for hair health are:

  • Carrot Seed(oil)
  • Lavender-Regulates hair's natural scalp oils
  • Lemongrass-Origin of lemon oil.Remove scalp buildup
  • Rosemary-Helps stimulate blood circulation
  • Peppermint- Helps stimulate blood circulation
  • Tea Tree-Effective against fungal conditions. Soothes itchy scalp
  • Sage-Removes buildup. Heals scalp conditions such as psoriasis 
  • Ylang Ylang- Fights scalp conditions
Carrier oils are a bit different than essential oils. They are usually made of some sort of vegetable and helps the essential oils absorb.
  • Jojoba-For moisture
  • Extra virgin olive-Moisturizes thick hair
  • Castor-Good for hair  loss
  • Coconut-Good for shine and hair loss
  • Sweet Almond-nourishes scalp
  • Grapeseed- Heat protectant/shine
  • Avocado-Growth stimulant
  • Sesame-Heat protectant
You can buy most of these oils at your local health food store. They are also sold in Whole Foods, The Vitamin Shopee and GNC.

Be careful of buying products that are not pure. Some places such as Wal-Mart sell products that contain these products but they aren't the best way to go. You may need to spend a little more money on these oils,but they are worth it.


Natural Hair: Does Water Dry Hair Out?

Hey Curlies,
I'm sure you've all heard this before or maybe you haven't. Many people believe that water will dry out your hair. This is the exact opposite.

Water is the main moisturizer found in your everyday hair products including shampoo, conditioners and stylers. If water dried out your hair, all of us would have short hair due to dryness and breakage.

Water actually works in the exact opposite way. Water is a great moisturizer and most of all, you can find it in your own home. You can use water directly on your hair as a refresher, or it can be consumed to have the same effect. As a refresher, use a spray bottle to apply throughout the day.

When your hair begins to become dry, your body begins to take nutrients and moisture from other parts of your body to replenish the lost moisture. If your body is fully hydrated from the inside, a portion of that water will be used as a natural moisturizer.

As a natural, or even someone who uses a relaxer, do not be afraid of water. It's your best friend.


Natural Hair: Curing an Itchy Scalp

Hey Curlies,

I've had my braids in for a little over a week and I can definitely see some growth coming in already. A slight problem that I am having is an itchy scalp.

I know that this is a problem for me because my hair is used to being washed every week. I am trying to go as long as I can without washing because I don't want to ruin the structure of the braids but I want to know how to cure this itchy scalp.

cure itchy scalp

I have found some alternative methods and possible reasons why some may have itchy scalp.

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What's causing the problem?
  • It may just be time to wash your hair. Are you over due?
  • Take a look at the weather. Is it bitterly cold or very hot outside? This may have an impact on how much moisture your hair retains
  • If you are wearing extensions and if so, what type of hair is it? They could be causing an allergic reaction
  • Are you moisturizing your scalp enough with light products, like oils?
  • Are you using heavy products on your scalp like Shea butter or creams? Buildup can cause an irritated scalp.
  • Is your hair styled too tightly?
  • Are you on any type of medication?
  • You could simply wash your hair with your regular shampoo. Be sure to follow up with a conditioner.
  • Using Tea Tree oil or pure aloe vera (juice or gel) as a soother. You can apply it to your scalp or add some to a spray bottle filled with water.
  • Take a look at some of the ingredients in your hair products. Some products are filled with chemicals and fillers that dry the hair and scalp - learn how to make your own all-natural products at home. 

DIOSA Nails & Polish Giveaway

Hey Curlies,

The DIOSA nail polish giveaway had been going on for the past two weeks and I think it is time for this to come to an end. I have chosen four winners randomly using Rafflecopter. So technically the generator chose them.

All winners will also be notified via email. They will also need to reply the email within 48 hours or their prize will be given to the next chosen participant.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hair: Reading Hair Product Labels

Hey Curlies,

Get a new product lately and can't read not one ingredient on the back? Most companies claim that their products are all natural,but it's sad to say that most of them are not. Some will try to trick you by using fancy scientific terms to hide chemicals.

To find out the quality of a product based on the ingredient list, always look at the first five ingredients listed. These ingredients, the ones listed toward the top of the list, are the ones that have the biggest portion in the product. Look for all natural ingredients such as aloe vera,olive oil,coconut oil,shea butter,jojoba oil and other natural ingredients.

Ingredients that you DO NOT want included in your products are:

- Petroleum
-Mineral oil
-Isopropyl alcohol

All of these products either dry out your hair or clog your pores and prevent growth. Companies are also starting to "get slick" in hiding their terrible products. Instead of listing the ingredients according to how big of a portion is included, they are listing the ingredients in alphabetical order. See what I'm saying?

Be on the lookout!


Natural Hair:Braid Maintenance

Hey Curlies,

I have been so busy lately. I'm currently participating in a mentor program for college freshman and I am in the process of moving which is taking up all of my time.


As some of you all  I know, I got box braids last Saturday and they are keeping up pretty well. They still look nice and fresh. I will say that I can see just a tiny bit of new growth.My hair is growing fast! Here is how I have been maintaining them.

  • Spraying my hair once in the morning and once at night with Jane Carter's Leave-In Conditioner. I spray both the braids, ends and scalp
  • If I feel that my scalp is dry, I use a light moisturizer only in the problem area
  • At night I wrap a scarf around the edges and pull the rest into a loose ponytail

That's it! I feel that if you have a protective style, you should not have an entire list of things to do. It's called a low maintenance style for a reason. I will wash them eventually, but not anytime soon. I will tell that process also once the time comes.

Things to Remember

  • Keep your hair moisturized
  • Always create loose ponytails so that edges will not become stressed
  • Do not apply heavy products to your scalp. It will cause buildup

ClassyCurly Profile: Luvbeinnatural

Hey Curlies,

Up next in the natural hair blogger/vlogger series, we have a special curlfriend of mine,Waychaun also known as Luvbeinnatural on YouTube.

Name: Waychaun Williams
Social Media names: luvbeinnatural (youtube and facebook), luvbeinnatural_lbfit (instagram), LuvBeinFit (Facebook), luvbeinnatural (twitter) 
Hair Type:Curly and Fabulous! (haha! I don't pay too much attention to 'typing' but I think it may be in the 4's, maybe 3's around the nape of my neck and  sides?) 
URL( if any) 

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for almost 3 years! Wow! Time flies! 
Why did you go natural?

I went natural because I was changing my lifestyle, and becoming more healthy. I started working out... A LOT and I wasn't able to keep my hair straight and healthy with the relaxer. I was getting my hair done every week, and it was messed up the very next day after my work out. I'd had enough. 
When did you Big chop?

I did my big chop on November 17th, 2009! Haha! I remember the exact date because it was pretty traumatic. I didn't plan on doing my big chop that day. But I was washing my hair and the relaxed hair with the natural hair... it wasn't working for me that night, and I ended up with a big tangled mess. lol! I was crying and frustrated, and I started cutting. I called my husband at work, and he came home and helped me finish cutting my hair! *bigsmile* It's funny now, but it wasn't at the time! lol! :0)
How did you decide to create a YouTube Channel?

I watched so many videos! I lived on youtube! Finally I decided to stop just 'watching' and start documenting my journey! I wanted to do it to help track my progress for myself, and then people started watching and commenting on my videos! It was so exciting! 
Was natural hair and fitness always the main focus?

At the beginning, natural hair was the main focus. But the more  videos I made, the more people started asking about my fitness routine. So then the fitness aspect came about.  

How do you feel about having over 16,000 YouTube subscribers?

It feels amazing. It's a blessing. I love interacting with as many people as possible! I feel bad sometimes, because I want to respond to every single comment, but I just can't. I do read every one! I really appreciate my subscribers and they make me smile. I like talking with them and learning together. 
What things can you say have helped you become successful?

YouTube itself has helped me become successful in many aspects of my life actually. It takes me out of my comfort zone and I've found myself in places and doing things I never though I would go or do. I'm an introvert and I usually like to fade into the background. But YouTube definitely pushes you to the forefront! Haha! That's for sure! It's helped come out of my shell quite a bit! It is uncomfortable, but that's good right!? Because if you're always comfortable, then you're not growing. 
Do you have any future goals for your hair, wellness, and channel?

Well, I've had  a lot going on with family and personal things lately, so I haven't been able to be as active with making videos, social media, meet ups, etc as I'd like to be. But things should be calming down this month, so I am SUPER excited to get back in the swing of things! I've been recording, so I have lots of editing to do! haha! I plan on getting back to uploading on a regular basis on my natural hair channel, as well as fitness. I'm excited! *bigsmile*
A short regimen you can share?

I keep it simple! About every two weeks, I shampoo, condition, and deep condition. Twist my hair, and I usually wear it that way for the week, in different protective styles. Especially while I'm training. I rinse my hair just about daily, and co wash during the week as well. That's about it! 
Do you have any Favorite Products?

Let's see... I absolutely LOVE the Argon Oil Deep Conditioner and My Honey Child Scalp Cleanser. Those are my staple products for the moment!
Do you have any advice on "Going Natural"?

Uuummm... the best advice I can give would be to have patience and enjoy your journey. It might get frustrating at times, but it's well worth it. Also, do what you can to research what your hair likes, instead of just trying to mimic other peoples routine. That can lead to a lot of wasted money on products. It's nice to use someones routine as a baseline to get started, but consistency is key. If it works... stick with it. If it doesn't change one thing at a time so that you can tell what works and what doesn't. 


I Hate My Natural Hair Pt. 2

Hey Curlies,

If you all aren't aware, I am partnered with Nappturalite Radio and I also blog for them often. Here is an article that I wrote on the comparison in hair texture among women with natural hair. It's quite interesting.

Hair Comparison

Let me know what you think!


ClassyCurly Profile: iknowlee

Hey Curlies,

Here is the next profile in the the natural hair vlogger/blogger series. Up now we have Helecia also known as iknowlee on Youtube. She was recently featured on and has been mentioned on CurlyNikki.

Name:Helecia Williams
Social Media names: iknowlee
Hair Type: Type 4

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 2 years and 2 months. My anniversary is May 24. 
Why did you go natural?

I went natural mainly for a change, something different. I was never really interested in being natural but my sister was going natural. She would encourage me to watch videos of fellow vloggers and tell me that my hair would look just like theirs. Eventually after I did her big chop, I decided that I too would go natural. 
When did you Big chop?

My original big chop was on May 22, 2010. My sister was the first person to cut my hair. In an effort to keep some of the length, she shaved the back and sides but left the front long. The results were horrendous. There was no way that I could rock natural hair in the back and relaxed hair in the front. I contacted a friend on mine and on May 24th, she shaved my entire head. 
How did you decide to create a YouTube Channel?

I was always one who got tired of the same hairstyles. Even with my TWA being edgy on its on, I eventually wanted something different. After countless hours of research pictures and videos of a variety of hairstyles, I simply decided to create my own styles and publish videos. When I first did my big chop, it was  difficult to find information about short natural hair. My goal was to create that outlet for others just like me. 
Was natural hair always the main focus?

Natural hair was never really my main focus. My main focus was always to take what I had and enhance it to the best of my abilities. That included my dress and grooming as a whole. 
How do you feel about having over 30,000 YouTube subscribers? 

I get asked this question quite a bit and I honestly don't feel any different. In reality, I am no different from anyone else. I do feel like I have a purpose and that brings my extreme gratitude. 
What things can you say have helped you become successful?
The main thing that I feel as helped me is being humble, honest and genuine. 
Do you have any future goals for your hair and channel?
My future goals for my hair are to hit bra strap length with in the next two years. I definitely think that that is a reasonable goal for my hair.   I also want to condense my regimen so that I continue to use the same products and simplify it. As far as my channel goes, my goal is to reach 50,00 subscribers and continue to create helpful videos that will keep people excited about having natural hair. 
A short regimen you can share?
I wash my hair once a week with shampoo bars. I deep condition at least twice a month. Every time that I wash, I condition and apply a leave in conditioner. Then I add a butter and usually do a twist out. Rarely do I ever do braid outs or bantu knot outs. 
Do you have any Favorite Products?
My favorite products tend to change about every 6 months or so. After a while of using a certain product, my hair doesnt seem to respond to it as well. Currently, my favorite product is Afroveda Hemp Seed butter and Jessie Curl Too Shea. 
Do you have any advice on "Going Natural"?
 Natural hair is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get! Go for it! If you want to go natural just try it and if you don’t like, go back to a relaxer. Be patient and give it some time to adjust.