Woman Fired Over Her Natural Hair Comment

Hey Curlies,

I ran into a few interesting things today. One was an article on how an African American woman was fired from her job as a meteorologist because she made a Facebook comment referring to her natural hair. This story absolutely amazes me. The link to the story is below.

Fired For Facebook Posting

On the lighter side of things, I found a website that is dedicated to natural hair wigs and weaves. I kid you not, I saw I picture of the wig and thought that it was this woman's real hair! The wig comes in two-strand twists and you can even untwist them for a twist out later. I was so amazed at how natural this looks! This wig is also available as a wash n go. Maybe I'm impressed easily, but it looks very natural. The link to the site is below.

The Finger Comber

How's my hair holding up?

This is currently day 3 of my twist n curl and it is still holding up really well. I spray my hair lightly with an oil and water mix at night. I sleep with a bonnet and in the morning I apply a shine serum and continue on.


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