Natural Hair: Oils For Sealing In Moisture & The LOC Method

Hey Curlies,

There is currently a blizzard outside and I just came home from shopping. When I got inside, I had tons of snow in my hair. This isn't the first time this is going to happen, its the winter time. This time of year is one that is most important for those with natural hair. It is all about maintaining moisture levels to keep hair from become dry and brittle.

No matter what  style my hair is in, every morning and night, I moisturize and seal my hair. It is just one of the basic rules in caring for natural hair. In order to complete this process, some who have natural hair use the LOC method. The LOC method consist of:

L- applying a liquid to hair (ex: Jane Carter's Solution leave-in conditioner)
O- applying an oil to hair (ex: Vitamin E oil)
C- applying a cream to hair (ex: Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie)

This is a very popular method used by lots, but my method is slightly different. My process only consist of either a liquid/cream and and oil. I never apply all three at once. Not to say that anything is wrong with the LOC method, its just that applying all three tends to weigh my hair down.

So what are some great oils to seal in your moisture?

Most pomades and butters are approved to also seal in moisture because they usually have a thicker consistancy.Sealing in moisture will improve the health of your hair and you will definitely see the difference. Remember to really concentrate on the ends of your hair as they tend to rub against our winter clothing.


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