Natural Hair: I'm Proud to Be Natural Me Book Review

Hey Curlies,

I discovered a children's book a few months ago and I thought the cover was so cute! The book is for young girls who have naturally curly hair. It teaches them to embrace their hair texture and themselves no matter what outside influences have to say. The book is called "I'm Proud to Be Natural Me."

My Thoughts:

I love books that are all about encouragement, whether that be for adults or children. In today's society, children, especially young girls are who need that encouragement the most. Lot of the values and traditions instilled in the past, have not made their way down the generation.

Girls compare themselves to what they see on TV and at the end of the day, they lose confidence in themselves." I'm Proud to Be Natural Me" is a book to teach young girls that is is okay to embrace who they are. It also shows them that they do not have to change into something they are not, or fit a specific stereotype. I recommend this book for those of the ages of 3 to 7. At this age they do not realize the way the world works and may feel down on themselves because they were teased at school.

The illustrations on the book are clear and simple and an easy read for parents to read to their children, or for children to flip through on their own. With only 32 pages, it is enough where children are able to keep their attention on the book and absorb the meaning. Its shows different girls with different naturally curly hair styles and skin complexions. Me, being a writer myself, enjoy books such as these and their should be many more to come. If I had a child, this would definitely be a book that I would have for my child.

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