Natural Hair: Bedtime Options

Hey Curlies,

There are so many rules out there on what to do with your hair before bed. I am here to give you a one stop shop on what to do with your hair in almost an situation possible.

If you have...

Loose hair(braid-out, twist-out, bantu-knot out or afro)

  • Spray a small amount of your favorite leave in conditioner through a spray bottle and proceed with either re-braiding,twisting or knoting. Apply a satin scarf and hit the sheets.
         | I normally do not restyle(braid/twist) at night and in that case, I apply the leave in conditioner and put      on the bonnet. |

Up-do Protective Style
  • Spray on your favorite moisturizer, followed by an oil in a spray bottle. Since you probably want your up-do to last, you want to touch it as little as possible.
Protective Style (braids, twists)
  • Apply  generous amount of leave in conditioner to your style and then follow up with an oil. You want to keep your hair moisturized. Apply a satin scarf and hit the sheets. Doing this will help lay down some of the stubborn hairs in the style as well as your edges.
Protective Style (Buns,Ponytails & Puffs)
  • Some people sleep with their hair in a ponytail or bun and some do not. The only time, this can cause problems is if that style is secured too tightly, which can cause breakage along the hair line. Always apply a moisturizer to your edges at night. I even apply aloe vera gel also so that in the morning, my hair is slicked down without the use of a brush.
Sleeping with a satin or silk pillowcase is also an option. It helps prevent breakage while you are sleeping. I used to sleep with a satin pillowcase until I discovered that it was beginning to cause my face to break out. The oils on the pillowcase were too much for me. If this isn't an issue for you, it is worth the money.