Hair Care: Getting Past Shoulder Length

Hey Curlies,

Whether you are natural or relaxed, getting past the point of shoulder length in your personal growth stage is a challenge. Lots of women struggle and complain about not being able to get their hair to grow past their shoulders.

hair past shoulders

In my past relaxed days, I got past shoulder length and currently in my natural days my hair is past shoulder length when stretched.

growing hair past shoulder length

Here are some tips on how I got past shoulder length hair:
  • Protective styling: Tucking away your ends and keeping them from rubbing against your clothing. What usually happens is your hair gets to the point where it touches your shoulders and then it rubs on your clothing and breaks off. Try braids, twists, buns and ponytails to keep your hair off of your shoulders.
  • Focus more on moisturizing your ends. Use a moisturizer and then an oil or butter to seal. To keep your ends from breaking off, they need to be moisturized.
  • Healthy hair always starts off at the scalp. Be gentle with your hair. Yes, this means during your detangling session also. Always start from your ends and work your way up while detangling. If not, there could be some serious breakage that could be the cause of stunting your hair retention. Take care of your scalp. This means deep conditioning and applying moisturizers when needed.
  • Limit your heat use. Heat styling dries out your hair and therefore can cause breakage in the long run.
If you follow these tips, your hair should grow past shoulder length in no time.