Top Natural Hair Myths: Part 2

Hey Curlies,

There are lots of different myths out there concerning hair and I just wanted to address a few.

Myth: If you wear the same hair style constantly, your hair will not grow

This is definitely untrue and I'm not even sure where this came from. I once heard this at a natural hair meetup and I was so lost. Wearing your hair in the same hairstyle does not mean that your hair stops growing. Your hair is growing weather or not you decided to wear the same style or a different one everyday. Styling does not stunt hair growth. Now if your style is damaging your hair (tugging at the hairline etc) it can cause breakage, but not limited hair growth.

Myth: Hair must be straightened to grow

This is another one that I am not sure where this came from. You hair does not have to be straightened in order to grow. If that were true, all of us curlies would be rocking nothing more than a TWA. Obviously this is not true because there are tons of curlies with gorgeous, thick and long hair.Curly hair grows just as much straight hair. Therefore, there is no need to straighten your hair for it to grow.

Myth: Trimming your ends helps your hair grow faster

Now this myth is a lot more familiar to me. This has been floating around the black community since the beginning of time. For starters, hair grows from the scalp, not the ends. Damaging, trimming or cutting the ends of your hair does not send a special signal up to your scalp that says "grow faster." Hair grows when the scalp is taken care of and that length is retained when the ends of the hair are protected. Trimming the ends of your hair will not make your hair grow faster.


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