Natural Hair: Fighting the Urge to Relax

Hey Curlies,

Have you ever gotten so frustrated with your hair that you want to turn back to the creamy crack? Do you feel like your hair is simply unmanageable and being natural is not for you? Have you actually gone to the store and bought a home relaxer kit and is ready to get started? This post is for you!

I know that having natural hair is not easy. It does take a considerable amount of work to get the hang of things,but if you are on the fence of going back to the relaxer, here are some reasons to think twice.

  • Think back to why you actually decided to go natural in the first place. Is it because of a specific reason? Did someone or something inspire you?
  • You cannot fail at natural hair until you have actually given up. Yes, it's not easy, but it's all trial and error until you catch the ropes
  • Search on YouTube for other curlies for inspiration to keep going. I use to search on YT for hours to watch other curlies' natural hair journeys. It was very motivational and inspirational
  • When all else fails and you are frustrated with your hair, get a lasting protective style or throw on a hat for the day. This will give you time away from your hair so that you can calm down and thoroughly think about your decision
  • Is this something you will honestly regret? I always say that you should do what's best for you. If you feel like you've attempted this and it isn't working out, it great that you are at peace with that. But if you will regret relaxing your hair the next day to next few months, take time before making your decision
  • Think about the health precautions that relaxers could bring. Are they really safe?
  • Do you really miss the burning scalp sensation or the "think before you scratch" rule?