Flat Twist-Out on Wet Hair

Hey Curlies!

I am very happy to say that my first flat twist-out was a success. If you all have been following, you know that I normally do two-strand twists and then create a twist-out from there.

Here are some photos of the results. If you would like to see what products I used, the link is below.

I got pretty good definition, especially toward the top. I used more product toward the top for some odd reason. I also noticed that the ends of my hair were not as defined, and that just comes with practice of creating the twists.

Overall, I loved the look. I had doubts that it would come out as good as it did.My hair does look a lot shorter than it normally is due to the wet styling and shrinkage. Tonight, I'll just do my usual- moisturize,seal and put on a bonnet. Hopefully this style lasts as long as my two-strand twist-outs do.

What products did I use?