ClassyCurly Profile: Mykela

Hey Curlies,

Here's another ClassyCurly profile featuring another fabulous natural lady.

Name: Mykela Marshall
Social Media names: 4mysisterz on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter 
Hair Type: A little bit of everything. 3b,3c, 4a, etc. 
URL( if any):

How long have you been natural?

I BC(big chopped) on April 2011, and I stop getting relaxers May 2010.

Why did you go natural?
I started going natural in an effort to grow healthier and thicker hair. My younger sister did her BC, and as I saw her grow I was in love so after almost a year of transitioning I decided to BC. You can actually watch my BC on my Youtube channel. Re-watching it is a hilarious experience now. lol Click on the link below to see how my BC went down!

When did you Big chop? 

April 2011. It was actually a few days before my wedding. 

A short regimen you can share? 

I co-wash twice a week. I do a DC with my favorite conditioner and my steamer. My hair absolutely <3 my DCs:) Then I style. I call it the "Basics".

Do you have any Favorite Products?

I am a product junkie and I am confessing it all of you today. I need help. lol My favorite products change every few months. My new "FAV" is SPA Haus Salon Conditioner from Dollar Tree. Yes I said Dollar tree. Its has a great slip, and I will not cowash and detangle without it. I also use it to DC. It makes my hair feel like feathers. My curls scream "Thank You" after I put it on. Everyone can afford to try it because its only a....wait for it...... $1! lol

Do you have any advice on Going Natural?

Embrace the journey. Everyone's journey is different, but I must say that it will only be as good as you make it. Have fun in the experience. Don't give up when it gets tough during the transition because the final product is worth every bad hair day.

Here is a video of her big chop!