Natural Hair: Does Water Dry Hair Out?

Hey Curlies,
I'm sure you've all heard this before or maybe you haven't. Many people believe that water will dry out your hair. This is the exact opposite.

Water is the main moisturizer found in your everyday hair products including shampoo, conditioners and stylers. If water dried out your hair, all of us would have short hair due to dryness and breakage.

Water actually works in the exact opposite way. Water is a great moisturizer and most of all, you can find it in your own home. You can use water directly on your hair as a refresher, or it can be consumed to have the same effect. As a refresher, use a spray bottle to apply throughout the day.

When your hair begins to become dry, your body begins to take nutrients and moisture from other parts of your body to replenish the lost moisture. If your body is fully hydrated from the inside, a portion of that water will be used as a natural moisturizer.

As a natural, or even someone who uses a relaxer, do not be afraid of water. It's your best friend.