Hair: Reading Hair Product Labels

Hey Curlies,

Get a new product lately and can't read not one ingredient on the back? Most companies claim that their products are all natural,but it's sad to say that most of them are not. Some will try to trick you by using fancy scientific terms to hide chemicals.

To find out the quality of a product based on the ingredient list, always look at the first five ingredients listed. These ingredients, the ones listed toward the top of the list, are the ones that have the biggest portion in the product. Look for all natural ingredients such as aloe vera,olive oil,coconut oil,shea butter,jojoba oil and other natural ingredients.

Ingredients that you DO NOT want included in your products are:

- Petroleum
-Mineral oil
-Isopropyl alcohol

All of these products either dry out your hair or clog your pores and prevent growth. Companies are also starting to "get slick" in hiding their terrible products. Instead of listing the ingredients according to how big of a portion is included, they are listing the ingredients in alphabetical order. See what I'm saying?

Be on the lookout!