ClassyCurly Profile: Luvbeinnatural

Hey Curlies,

Up next in the natural hair blogger/vlogger series, we have a special curlfriend of mine,Waychaun also known as Luvbeinnatural on YouTube.

Name: Waychaun Williams
Social Media names: luvbeinnatural (youtube and facebook), luvbeinnatural_lbfit (instagram), LuvBeinFit (Facebook), luvbeinnatural (twitter) 
Hair Type:Curly and Fabulous! (haha! I don't pay too much attention to 'typing' but I think it may be in the 4's, maybe 3's around the nape of my neck and  sides?) 
URL( if any) 

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for almost 3 years! Wow! Time flies! 
Why did you go natural?

I went natural because I was changing my lifestyle, and becoming more healthy. I started working out... A LOT and I wasn't able to keep my hair straight and healthy with the relaxer. I was getting my hair done every week, and it was messed up the very next day after my work out. I'd had enough. 
When did you Big chop?

I did my big chop on November 17th, 2009! Haha! I remember the exact date because it was pretty traumatic. I didn't plan on doing my big chop that day. But I was washing my hair and the relaxed hair with the natural hair... it wasn't working for me that night, and I ended up with a big tangled mess. lol! I was crying and frustrated, and I started cutting. I called my husband at work, and he came home and helped me finish cutting my hair! *bigsmile* It's funny now, but it wasn't at the time! lol! :0)
How did you decide to create a YouTube Channel?

I watched so many videos! I lived on youtube! Finally I decided to stop just 'watching' and start documenting my journey! I wanted to do it to help track my progress for myself, and then people started watching and commenting on my videos! It was so exciting! 
Was natural hair and fitness always the main focus?

At the beginning, natural hair was the main focus. But the more  videos I made, the more people started asking about my fitness routine. So then the fitness aspect came about.  

How do you feel about having over 16,000 YouTube subscribers?

It feels amazing. It's a blessing. I love interacting with as many people as possible! I feel bad sometimes, because I want to respond to every single comment, but I just can't. I do read every one! I really appreciate my subscribers and they make me smile. I like talking with them and learning together. 
What things can you say have helped you become successful?

YouTube itself has helped me become successful in many aspects of my life actually. It takes me out of my comfort zone and I've found myself in places and doing things I never though I would go or do. I'm an introvert and I usually like to fade into the background. But YouTube definitely pushes you to the forefront! Haha! That's for sure! It's helped come out of my shell quite a bit! It is uncomfortable, but that's good right!? Because if you're always comfortable, then you're not growing. 
Do you have any future goals for your hair, wellness, and channel?

Well, I've had  a lot going on with family and personal things lately, so I haven't been able to be as active with making videos, social media, meet ups, etc as I'd like to be. But things should be calming down this month, so I am SUPER excited to get back in the swing of things! I've been recording, so I have lots of editing to do! haha! I plan on getting back to uploading on a regular basis on my natural hair channel, as well as fitness. I'm excited! *bigsmile*
A short regimen you can share?

I keep it simple! About every two weeks, I shampoo, condition, and deep condition. Twist my hair, and I usually wear it that way for the week, in different protective styles. Especially while I'm training. I rinse my hair just about daily, and co wash during the week as well. That's about it! 
Do you have any Favorite Products?

Let's see... I absolutely LOVE the Argon Oil Deep Conditioner and My Honey Child Scalp Cleanser. Those are my staple products for the moment!
Do you have any advice on "Going Natural"?

Uuummm... the best advice I can give would be to have patience and enjoy your journey. It might get frustrating at times, but it's well worth it. Also, do what you can to research what your hair likes, instead of just trying to mimic other peoples routine. That can lead to a lot of wasted money on products. It's nice to use someones routine as a baseline to get started, but consistency is key. If it works... stick with it. If it doesn't change one thing at a time so that you can tell what works and what doesn't.