ClassyCurly Profile: Destinee from Love,Destinee

Hey Curlies,

The next few set of ClassyCurly profiles, will display some of the best natural hair and natural hair bloggers around. Up first is Destinee from Love,Destinee. She was one of my inspirations as a beginning curly. Get ready!

Name: Destinee
Social Media names - Twitter: @lovedestinee11 | Facebook: | Instagram: lovedestinee11
Hair Type: Kinky Curly - 3c/4a
URL (if any):

How long have you been natural? 
I have been natural since December 18, 2009. Seems like just yesterday I did my own big chop in my bathroom, well with the help of my Mom.

Why did you go natural? 
I went natural because my hair was over processed and I never saw any growth past my shoulders. My hair is also naturally thinner than average so I could never achieve the volume that I wanted. I researched transitioning natural hair for about a month or so than decided that I would grow it out until it got to a length that I was comfortable with. I have the patience of a 2 year old so I ended up big chopping at about 3 months into my transition and rocked a TWA. I loved my little curly afro. I LIVED on CurlyNikki forums for the first year and a half of being natural. I learned so much from the ladies there.

When did you Big chop? 
I big chopped on December 18, 2009. I'll be coming up on my 3 year anniversary very soon. Time has gone by so fast, it definitely doesn't seem like its been that long.

Describe your hair: 
My hair is a mixture of about 3 textures. In the front, is loose and wavy. On the sides my hair is curly "s" type curls and in the crown and the nape I have very tight coils about the size of a #2 pencil.

Tell us a little about your site Love, Destinee
I started my blog last summer (June 2011) out of sheer inspiration. I was getting heavy into makeup and didn't have anyone to share my thoughts with. My friends aren't as enthusiastic about makeup and hair as I am. I needed to get out my thoughts so that is where Love, Destinee came into the picture. It was only originally about makeup but I've expanded it to include hair as well as lifestyle issues.

Do you have any other sites?
I had a site for natural hair but I deleted it because I didn't have the time to devote to one site, much less two. I'm going to try to get back to blogging on a regular basis as I have fallen all the way off. I do have other Social Networking sites like Twitter (@lovedestinee11), Instagram (@lovedestinee11) and Facebook (

Do you have a signature style? 
I wouldn't call it a signature style but my favorite style to wear is a flat twistout out on blown out hair. I love the definition I get from wearing flat twists and the volume from the blowout.

A short regimen you can share? 
As I've gotten further into my journey, my regimen has gotten very simple (probably out of laziness, more than anything) It is as follows:
Shampoo: every two weeks
Co wash: every week and a half
Moisturize: 2-3x week (if wearing my hair out)
Style: every week and a half

Do you have any Favorite Products? 
My all time favorite product is Aussie Moist conditioner. I haven't found another product, especially as inexpensive, that keeps my hair as moisturized as Aussie. A new favorite is Curls Unleashed Leave In. Smells awful but is moisturizing and gives great definition. I also like anything by Oyin Handmade. Their Hair Dew and Burnt Sugar Pomade are the best!

Do you have any advice on Going Natural? 
I would say do what works for you. In the beginning of my journey I was buying up every product I could find and trying every technique that I saw. Although those were fun to do and it was all trial and error, I spent a ton of money on things that didn't work for me. Find what works for you and stick with it!

Thanks Destinee!