Tips for Swimming with Natural Hair

Hey Curlies,

Yesterday I went to a water park and had lots of fun! I haven't been to one in a while. The first thing I thought about was my hair lol. Being natural gives you lots of options on what to do with your hair. It's very worry free.

Here's what I did and more options for those who love the water.

The Conditioner Option:
Add your favorite conditioner to your hair before you get into the water. You need a generous amount to cover your entire head, but not too much where it is dripping everywhere. The conditioner will help retain moisture against the drying chlorine.

The Water Option:
Thoroughly wet your hair before you get into the water. During this step, your hair will absorb the water and help prevent the bad water(chlorinated water) from absorbing once you get into the pool. Our hair can only hold so much water, so filling it with good water(tap) will prevent a lot of the bad water(chlorine) from being absorbed.

Tips for Swimming with Natural Hair - ClassyCurlies

Here's what I did: 

I just simply loaded my hair with Twisted Sista De-Frizz Conditioner and jumped in. It's that simple, don't over think it.

I wore my hair in a high bun so that detangling wouldn't be a pain. Soon after my water fun was over, I washed using TRESemme Split End shampoo and conditioner. Using  shampoo with sulfates is best during this situation because it will strip away the pool water.

I then applied a little more Twisted Sista conditioner as a leave in and did a wash n go puff. That night I applied Shea Moisture's Purification Masque and deep conditioned over night.

Tips for Swimming with Natural Hair - ClassyCurlies

Styling Options: These aren't the only options, but seem to be the easiest
Things to remember:
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