Product Review:L.A.C.E Silky Aloe Curl Pudding

Hey Curlies,

I actually won this product through a giveaway and I've been using it for about 2 weeks now. One thing that I really love about it is that it is made with all natural products and I actually can pronounce them all. Here are the details.

What it claims to do:
Conditions and moisturizes hair will defining curls, texture boost and shine

What it contains:
Shea butter infused with orange peel,Hibiscus Flower, Aloe Butter, Aloe Vera gel,Glycerin, Jojoba oil,Castor oil, Hemp seed oil, Essential oils and vitamin E

I used this product to twist my hair and on my hairline and nape area

My Review:
The first thing I noticed about this product is the texture. It reminds me exactly of foam or cake icing and I love it. This means that the product is very light weight. The smell reminds me of oranges and shea butter. I honestly can't get over it's texture and consistency. I really wonder how they make this product. I used this product to twist on freshly washed hair and they left my twists soft and shiny. The texture also helped when it came to moisturizing my ends. I did not feel as if I had to drown my hair in product. A little goes a long way. I simply dipped my finger in and used what was taken and applied. No need for scooping out tons to achieve great results. Overall, I definitely give this product a 5 out of 5 because it's great smell and texture makes applying much more easier. This will be a staple.!