Drinking Water Promotes Healthy Hair

Hey Curlies,
Not only is water important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it also is a main supporter of healthy hair and growth.

Everyday, I see people taking about the benefits of drinking water on Facebook, Twitter and other natural hair website. They aren't kidding!

Water takes up about 60 percent of your body weight and each hair strand is composed of  about 25 percent of water. How much a person should intake per day varies from person to person. On average, women should drink about 2.2 liters of water, this is about 9 cups or half of your body weight in ounces.

How does this support your hair? Water is stored in the deep layers of the skin and works in combination with the scalp's natural oils to provide moisture to your hair. If enough water isn't stored in the body, external products will be needed. Always hydrate yourself from the inside.

Think about it, more water= healthy and moisturized scalp/body= less use of hair products to replenish lost moisture= saving more money!

Now that  you have heard this information, use water to your advantage, not only for your hair, but just for your overall health.

I drink tons of water daily. I really do not keep track, but all of my friends make fun of me for drinking water instead of juices. See it's paying off.