Top 3 Products For Twisting

Hey Curlies,

You all know that twist and a twist out are my go-to styles. I always have people ask me what products do I use to twist and if I have any recommendations. Well here are my top three products for creating two-strand twists.
Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie
I've been using this product from the very beginning. It is very light and smells of coconut.This product is full of protein so if I feel like I'm lacking in that department I use this. You can purchase this product at Walgreens or Target.

Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream
I just recently got hooked on this product after I got a sample size of this at an event. It really smells like some sort of fruit and is very light. It also contains lots of great moisturizing ingredients. You can purchase this product at some Target stores and TJ Maxx.

CurllyNaptress Whipped Shea
If you have thick hair this product is definitely for you. It's full of Shea butter and essential oils. It has the texture of cake icing and goes on really creamy. Purchase at

-Victoria (@Classycurlies)