Not Your Ordinary Towel...

Hey Curlies,

Let me give you all a scenario....

So you just washed your hair either in the shower or sink and right when you're done, you look in the mirror at your hair. Your curls are poppin'!!!!! I mean perfect spirals or ringlets and you are afraid to touch them because you want to keep them. You want your hair to look like this all of the time and not just when it is wet. Okay now your floor is almost soaked because you haven't even touched your hair with a towel. You grab a towel to dry your hair. About 15 seconds after you have dried your hair, you look in the mirror again and your hair is undefined, rough and wild. What happened?

Most people own towels that are made of terrycloth, may seem soft on our skin but is rough on our hair. Terrycloth has many small fibers that help absorb moisture and also cause friction against it's competitor.

Instead of using a household towel to dry your hair, try using a cotton t-shirt. For one it's cheaper than buying a towel, it helps keep your curls in place and reduces frizz.
A cotton t-shirt does not contain the fibers as your household towel would so their is no major friction between your hair and the towel, which would completely ruin the curls you saw in the mirror.

Some people may refer to this method as "Plopping," but I just call it the t-shirt method.

Microfiber cloths are also acceptable and perform the same job as a cotton t-shirt, but is a little more expensive. Here are a few good one's that I have heard of: