Moisturizing Ingredients to Look for in Hair Products

Hey Curlies,

About a month ago, I went to the Indianapolis natural hair meetup and we began to talk about ingredients. In any regimen, you need a balance of both protein and moisture. At the event I was given a few different moisturizing ingredients to look for and I also have come up with a few more that I would like to share.

Remember that the first five ingredients listed in a product are the ones that are contained most in that product. Here are some great ingredients to look for:

  • Shea butter- Heavy product. Used with thick hair
  • Vegetable Glycerin- attracts outside moisture to your hair
  • Jojoba extract- creates shine
  • Avocado oil- Light product
  • Aloe Vera- Smooths hair and protects from heat damage
Here are some of the ingredients I learned about at the event. All of these ingredients (above and below)  are called Humectants which allow your hair to retain moisture.
  • Water
  • Cetyl-alcohol
  • Alpha Hydroxyl acids
These might seem very familiar to you. Below is the the link to a lists of these ingredients and others in their scientific or disguised form. Ever pick up a product and on the ingredient list are huge words that you don't understand? This lists will explain what each is.