Hairstyle of the Day #8-Bantu Knots

Hey Curlies,

I came up with this really cute updo style to try,but then I noticed that my current hairstyle could be stretched an extra day. The cute updo will be coming soon. I combed out my old twist out using a wide toothed comb and Sofn'Free Gro Healthy Nothing But Curl Sealer. I will do a product review on this later, but I added a little to my ends.

I twisted in big sections then bantu knoted each twists. If you all would like a tutorial on this let me know. I liked this way a lot better than my original bantu knots.

I left them in overnight and then sprayed with Bee Mine Daily Refresher then unraveled. Here are the results.

My bantu knots came out a lot better than last time.