ClassyCurly Profile: Kenya Thomas

Hey Curlies,

Here is another ClassyCurly profile. Let me forewarn you, we have a model on our hands and she's gorgeous! She is the face of Organic Root Stimulator's 2012 Campaign and has been featured on many well known radio and television shows. Check her out!

Name: Kenya Thomas

Social Media names:
Hair Type: Super kinky 4B ^_^
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How long have you been natural? 
I've been natural a little bit more than 3 years

Why did you go natural? 
It wasn't by choice honestly. When I signed with my first Modeling agency it was decided that my most marketable look would be my natural hair - only problem was that I normally wore my hair long in weaves. So it was pretty traumatizing after seeing all of my hair being chopped off and me feeling like a little boy lol ...Needless to say, that's what books me for most of my work, and I adore my "nappy" hair! ^_^

When did you Big chop? 
As soon as it was decided to be my "look". I didn't have any time to even prepare for it!!

A short regimen you can share?
To be honest, I don't do much to my hair. Usually my hair is done and taken care of by a Stylist when I Model, but I make sure I twist my hair up with a Curl Sealer 2x a week. I use a Curl Spray daily before taking my hair loose. A healing mask once a month, and wash my hair accordingly!

Do you have any Favorite Products?
Well right now I'm one of the faces of Organic Roots Stimulator's new hair line Curls Unleashed - they're products are awesome! I'm also a big fan of Sofn'Free - they have a new line called "Nothing But" that's targeted for the Curlies!! :D

Do you have any advice on Going Natural? 
It's going to take some time getting used to. A lot of women are uncomfortable chopping all of their hair off (as I was). Our natural hair is our race, our culture, our history - And society has taught us that it wasn't good enough. That it's inferior. I wasn't yet comfortable with my natural hair, so as a "coping method" I wore wigs, extension braids, etc. And it honestly took validation from other people for me to become confident enough to just wear my natural hair all the time. THAT'S when I started developing a true sense of self-love for my hair and my culture. Screw validation elsewhere. That doesn't mean I'm "anti-weave", I still like to have fun with my hairstyles, change it up, and wear it different ways... It's just that NOW I'm not wearing the weaves TO be pretty. I know I'm rambling a bit, but this is the main concept I keep in my head when it comes down to "our" hair: "People always have a greater yearn for something they can't have. Our race is the ONLY race in the world that can grow our hair in this texture. And THAT'S what makes our nappy hair pretty bad ass" :)  

Jealous yet? Hair envy maybe? Yeah I thought