5 Myths About Curly Hair Care

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By: Aliana S
If you have always has naturally curly hair, you may understand the challenges of managing your hair on a regular basis when it comes to finding the ideal shampoo and conditioner. You may also understand the challenges of trying to find the best look and hairstyle for the texture and the natural look of your hair. When you are looking into finding new styles and looks for your naturally curly hair, you might think of myths that stop you along the way. These, however, are simply untrue. Below are 5 myths about curly hair care that may make you think twice when you are choosing a new style of hair for yourself. 

#1. Straight Hair Grows Faster Than Curly Hair
This is false. Curly hair grows the same as naturally straight hair. If you want to improve the growth rate, eat a healthier diet and be sure to incorporate adequate amounts of exercise on a regular basis. Minimize the exposure of your hair to heating products to help your hair grow faster without giving you split ends that require trimming. Genetics also play a role in the time that your hair grows, and is impossible to change. 

#2. Curly Hair Looks Great Without Any Styling, Always
While some days you may wake up and love the way your curly hair looks fresh out of bed, most curly styles require a bit of work including using products to keep hair in place and to keep frizz at a minimum. Use a leave-in conditioner when styling or brushing your hair if you have thick curls to retain the hair's look without damaging the hair itself. Use a diffuser attachment on your own blow dryer along with serum and hair care products created specifically to help against heat damage before you style your hair once washed. Using leave-in gels and styling products can also help to give your curls "bounce" while keeping them in place throughout the entire day of wearing them. 

#3. Curly Hair Does Not Change With the Weather
This is false as curly hair is affected dramatically by weather, just as other hair types are as well. Naturally curly hair may get extremely frizzy when the weather is hot and humid outdoors. Dry and cold months may cause your hair to feel dry or even brittle, so it is important to find ideal conditioners (including leave-in conditioners) to help with moisturizing your hair at all times. 

#4. All Curly Hair is Thick
Curly hair is not always thick and some curly hair can also be fine and very thin. Although curls help to create volume, this only tricks the eyes into believing curly hair is naturally thick all around.  

#5. Conditioner is Optional if You Have Curly Hair
This is actually the complete opposite of the truth, as curly hair is generally quite porous and requires the conditioner to help with smoothing the hair, giving it shine, and ultimately reducing frizz. When you have frizzy hair, it is a signal from your hair that it is need of moisture, which is easily found in both rinse and leave-in conditioners. 

Understanding how to handle your naturally curly hair will allow you the ability to create new looks and styles with ease once you are familiar with the proper techniques and methods to working with your hair. Because everyone's hair is different, it is important to know the facts on the best way to work with curly hair based on the texture and feel your hair has. 

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