ClassyCurly Profile: Ty Chandler

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I have another natural hair profile for you all. She is a TV reporter who explains her dilemma "going natural" in front of the camera.

Anchoring (relaxed)
Name: Ty Chandler
Social Media Names: TyChandlerNews on Twitter
Hair Type: 3c/4a

How long have you been natural?
I have been natural since March 22, 2012 after a six month transition
Last relaxer September 2011
Why did you go natural?
I tried to go natural many times before without success.  I had long thick hair as a kid, but that all went away when I got my first relaxer at 9. It was a kiddie perm, but my hair still broke off.  To grow my hair back, my mother took the advice of a friend who was certain jherri curls would be the answer.  Needless to say they weren't, but it gets worse.  After a year, I was sick of the jherri curls so my mother took me to the hair salon and our longtime stylist had a brilliant idea, put a relaxer on jherri curled hair.  She told me to come back two weeks later for a treatment.  Keep in mind I'm about 10 or 11 at this point.  So my mother told me to go to the salon after school and she would pick me up when I was done.  When she arrived she was confused by the bill.  The treatment cost much more than she anticipated.  When we got home she asked me to explain what was done to may hair.  When I told her the stylist put white stuff that burned on my scalp she knew what had happened.  Our longtime stylist somehow forgot that she had given me a relaxer two weeks earlier and gave me another one.  When my mother tried to comb my hair it came out in her hand.  My edges were stuck to my scalp and I had scabs.  My mother had no choice but to take the scissors and chop. 

It seemed like my hair would never be healthy again. It didn't grow much and I started to think I would never have the long hair I had as a child again.  I decided to stop relaxing at 15. I wore braids for almost a year and had gotten some good growth.  I wore twist outs, bantu knots or had it pressed.  This was the mid nineties and this look wasn't really in and I didn't know what products to use or how to care for my hair so eventually I caved in to the creamy crack.

My next natural attempt came ten years later at the age of 26.  At the time I was the Weekend Anchor at a TV station in Rochester, NY.  I had some bad experiences with scissor happy beauticians who kept chopping off my progress.  But transitioning on television is not a good look..  So I bought a wig and my boss liked it.  I kept my hair in braids underneath, but again I had no idea how to care for my hair.  I was job hunting at the time and my agent urged me to ditch the wig and relax if I wanted to find a new job and so I did.

I did finally start to learn how to take care of my hair and what products to use.  i began cowashing, stretching my relaxers, moisturizing and sealing and protective styling (mainly with weaves)  Doing this got me from neck length to bra strap in three years.  I knew then that my hair can grow and thrive with proper care.  Still I longed for the thickness that I remember having when I was a little girl.  I often wore clip ins to make up for it. Also stretching my relaxers helped me discover my natural texture.  I coudln't believe how wavy the new growth was. Still I was afraid to do it because of my career. A big chop would be a drastic change, but I figured there are so many women who have the courage to embrace their natural selves, why can't i.

Big Chop
When did you Big chop?
I Big Chopped March 22nd of this year.
A short regimen you can share?
Wash and gos are my main style. I generally co-wash with Tresemee Naturals Moisturizing Conditioner.  I use Kinky Curly Knot today as a leave-in.  I seal with jojoba/olive oil and style with Kinky Curly Curling Custard.
Anchoring (Natural)
Do you have any Favorite Products?
I really like Kinky Curly products, but still exploring other products
Do you have any advice on Going Natural?
I think the biggest fear that many of us have is how other will react.  My husband was not a fan when I first got it cut, but now he loves it and calls me curlyq.  I was even nervous about wearing it on-air.  I wore a wig to work for weeks after the chop until finally I decided what the hell, I'm going for it. The reaction at work was overwhelmingly positive.  I realized that I had nothing to worry about.  We spend too much time thinking about will others accept it, but we are the one's that have to accept it, love it and rock it with confidence.  


5 Myths About Curly Hair Care

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Here's another guest post that I'm sure you will enjoy.

By: Aliana S
If you have always has naturally curly hair, you may understand the challenges of managing your hair on a regular basis when it comes to finding the ideal shampoo and conditioner. You may also understand the challenges of trying to find the best look and hairstyle for the texture and the natural look of your hair. When you are looking into finding new styles and looks for your naturally curly hair, you might think of myths that stop you along the way. These, however, are simply untrue. Below are 5 myths about curly hair care that may make you think twice when you are choosing a new style of hair for yourself. 

#1. Straight Hair Grows Faster Than Curly Hair
This is false. Curly hair grows the same as naturally straight hair. If you want to improve the growth rate, eat a healthier diet and be sure to incorporate adequate amounts of exercise on a regular basis. Minimize the exposure of your hair to heating products to help your hair grow faster without giving you split ends that require trimming. Genetics also play a role in the time that your hair grows, and is impossible to change. 

#2. Curly Hair Looks Great Without Any Styling, Always
While some days you may wake up and love the way your curly hair looks fresh out of bed, most curly styles require a bit of work including using products to keep hair in place and to keep frizz at a minimum. Use a leave-in conditioner when styling or brushing your hair if you have thick curls to retain the hair's look without damaging the hair itself. Use a diffuser attachment on your own blow dryer along with serum and hair care products created specifically to help against heat damage before you style your hair once washed. Using leave-in gels and styling products can also help to give your curls "bounce" while keeping them in place throughout the entire day of wearing them. 

#3. Curly Hair Does Not Change With the Weather
This is false as curly hair is affected dramatically by weather, just as other hair types are as well. Naturally curly hair may get extremely frizzy when the weather is hot and humid outdoors. Dry and cold months may cause your hair to feel dry or even brittle, so it is important to find ideal conditioners (including leave-in conditioners) to help with moisturizing your hair at all times. 

#4. All Curly Hair is Thick
Curly hair is not always thick and some curly hair can also be fine and very thin. Although curls help to create volume, this only tricks the eyes into believing curly hair is naturally thick all around.  

#5. Conditioner is Optional if You Have Curly Hair
This is actually the complete opposite of the truth, as curly hair is generally quite porous and requires the conditioner to help with smoothing the hair, giving it shine, and ultimately reducing frizz. When you have frizzy hair, it is a signal from your hair that it is need of moisture, which is easily found in both rinse and leave-in conditioners. 

Understanding how to handle your naturally curly hair will allow you the ability to create new looks and styles with ease once you are familiar with the proper techniques and methods to working with your hair. Because everyone's hair is different, it is important to know the facts on the best way to work with curly hair based on the texture and feel your hair has. 

Aliana Smith loves checking out new hair styles, especially ones that suit her curly hair. She also loves getting a good deal. She recently got a great one on the insurance for her new home at

-Victoria (@Classycurlies)

Top 3 Products For Twisting

Hey Curlies,

You all know that twist and a twist out are my go-to styles. I always have people ask me what products do I use to twist and if I have any recommendations. Well here are my top three products for creating two-strand twists.
Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie
I've been using this product from the very beginning. It is very light and smells of coconut.This product is full of protein so if I feel like I'm lacking in that department I use this. You can purchase this product at Walgreens or Target.

Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream
I just recently got hooked on this product after I got a sample size of this at an event. It really smells like some sort of fruit and is very light. It also contains lots of great moisturizing ingredients. You can purchase this product at some Target stores and TJ Maxx.

CurllyNaptress Whipped Shea
If you have thick hair this product is definitely for you. It's full of Shea butter and essential oils. It has the texture of cake icing and goes on really creamy. Purchase at

-Victoria (@Classycurlies)

The "Transitioner's Kit" Giveaway

Hey Curlies!

Although I am fully natural,I try to do my best in assisting all of you transitioners. I know it's hard, I've been there too, and we all could use some guidance. This is why I have collaborated with Cheryl Simms, the author of "Your Natural Hair Journal" and the creator of Hairitage Hydration,to create a "transitioner's kit" for you all. The giveaway will be open from May 28,2012,through June 8,2012. That gives you all a little over one week to enter and possibly win. Here are the details:

-There will be two winners and once they are chosen then have up to 48 hours to claim their prize or it will be given to the next participant.
-Each winner's kit will include:

a Rafflecopter giveaway



The Science of Hair

Hey Curlies,

I haven't covered this part yet, which is very important. At first I figured that most naturals were already informed of this information, but then I learned that many are not which is okay. Learning time!

Underneath your scalp is the hair follicle. It is said that our hair, African American hair,has a curved hair follicle instead of a straight one because of our curly texture. This texture causes us to replenish our hair with moisture often because the oil that is produced on the scalp surface doesn't get a chance to make its way to the actual strands of hair.
Structure of hair

  • Medulla- The innermost layer of the hair and is made of protein. Since it is the innermost layer, it is not effected by hair products and daily manipulation. This layer plays a key role in growth and development.
  • Cortex- The middle layer of the hair shaft. Hair texture, elasticity, strength and color are determined by this layer. (This is the layer effected by relaxers)
  • Cuticle- The outermost layer of the hair and is made up of many overlapping cells. (This layer is also effected by relaxers) The cuticle helps lock in moisture when the layer is laid flat.
The cuticle is most effected by daily use including styling tools,shampoos, conditioners and gels. This is why it is very important to rinse with cool water after using a conditioner because it helps lock in the moisture that was just put into it. 

The oldest of your hair strands are the ends which is helpful to remember when retaining length. They must be conditioned often.

At the base of the hair is called the dermal papilla which is fed by the bloodstream and carries nourishment so that new hair can be produced.

As time goes on,your hair goes through a growth phase and some hairs my shed. This is when the hair from the base is pushed out my a new hair growing in it's place. You may see the hair attached to a white bulb. Don't worry, we all shed about 50-150 hairs per day, which is very different from breakage.

-Victoria (@Classycurlies)

Not Your Ordinary Towel...

Hey Curlies,

Let me give you all a scenario....

So you just washed your hair either in the shower or sink and right when you're done, you look in the mirror at your hair. Your curls are poppin'!!!!! I mean perfect spirals or ringlets and you are afraid to touch them because you want to keep them. You want your hair to look like this all of the time and not just when it is wet. Okay now your floor is almost soaked because you haven't even touched your hair with a towel. You grab a towel to dry your hair. About 15 seconds after you have dried your hair, you look in the mirror again and your hair is undefined, rough and wild. What happened?

Most people own towels that are made of terrycloth, may seem soft on our skin but is rough on our hair. Terrycloth has many small fibers that help absorb moisture and also cause friction against it's competitor.

Instead of using a household towel to dry your hair, try using a cotton t-shirt. For one it's cheaper than buying a towel, it helps keep your curls in place and reduces frizz.
A cotton t-shirt does not contain the fibers as your household towel would so their is no major friction between your hair and the towel, which would completely ruin the curls you saw in the mirror.

Some people may refer to this method as "Plopping," but I just call it the t-shirt method.

Microfiber cloths are also acceptable and perform the same job as a cotton t-shirt, but is a little more expensive. Here are a few good one's that I have heard of:

  • DevaCurl Diva Towel
  • MiMi's Diva Dryer Hair Turban


Product Review: Curlly Naptress line

Hey Curlies,

I have a great friend by the name of Darice,who I help organize Indiana's Naturalistas in Nap group with, and she is head of her own natural hair care line called Curlly Naptress. She is based in Indianapolis, Indiana but she ships all over the U.S

I used her products while doing my hair for National Natural Hair Meetup Day(video here) and my hair came out great. If you watch the video it shows exactly how I used each product. Here is the review:

Whipped Shea:
What it claims to do:

Will your kinky, curLLy, coarse hair need detangling?  Need sheen?  Need to get it ready for your next style between washes?  Look no further than whiPPed shea!  This product is an everyday, must have.

What it contains:
Shea Butter, Safflower oil, Castor oil, and Organic raw honey


For braid wearers, use often on your hair and scalp to help hair grow damage free.

My Review:
I loved this product. I have been looking for a butter to put either on my scalp or to twist with. A lot of the products in my hair regimen contain protein, which is okay but I also need a moisturizing product. The product has a very smooth texture that reminds me of cake icing, but it also is heavy enough to use on really thick hair. It smells like Shea and Coco butter mixed. I used it to twist with and they came out incredibly soft with no residue. Overall I give this product a 5 out of 5 and would definitely purchase this product.

Herbal Tea Hair Spray:

What it claims to do:

An all natural herbal remedy for natural hair?  Um, yes.  We could talk all day about this herbal hair spray's benefits.  I'd start with the chamomile that prevents dandruff and soothes scalp irritation.  Then we'd mention the lavender herbs that condition hair.  Just when I brought up the aloe vera that provides softness and shine, you'd be sold.

What it contains:
Mixed with essential oils and distilled water


The herbal hair spray can be used daily to freshen your hair styles...and your scalp.

My Review:
This product smells exactly like Lipton lemon tea, which I love. Seems like a little bit of lemon and honey. I used this product to seal in the moisture of the Whipped Shea product. It also is a great product to use when detangling. With the combination of those two products, they leave your hair very soft and shiny. Overall I give this product a 5 out of 5 because it really protected my scalp from irritation and dryness. Great for those who have dry scalp.

Pro GRO Hair Lotion
What it claims to do:

If you're not familiar with the idea of a lotion for your hair, you will be once you try pro GRO.  This product has an amazing group of moisturizing natural oils that (1) are vitamin Rich (2) will strengthen hair and (3) prevent hair loss.

Use the lotion daily to get rid of frizz or you can detangle those tresses prior to a shampoo treatment.  It is also valuable for protective styles like braids.

What it contains:

Castor oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E and Essential oils.

My Review:
This product was a definitely a new one for me. I haven't used a hair lotion in years. The last time I used one I was relaxed. Hair lotions always seem to have other hidden ingredients that I do not feel are healthy for hair. This lotion has all of the ingredients that I trust. It has a thick texture but when applied to the hair it absorbs really well without leaving your hair coated. It has that lemon and honey smell just as the other two products. I used this product as a moisturizer especially for my ends. Overall I give this product a 5 out of 5. I haven't experienced any problems and I recommend it for medium to thick hair.

All of these products are priced at $8 and under which is a great price for the quality. If you are intrested in buying any of thes products, Darice can be contacted on Twitter @CurllyNAPtress and on her site

-Victoriav (@Classycurlies)

7 Tips to Get Sleek and Healthy Hair

Hey Curlies,

I have a guest post for you all!

Guest post by Kirstin R:
7 Tips To Get Sleek and Healthy Hair

Have you ever wondered why your hair wasn't as healthy as some of your friends? Ever thought they know something about hair care that you don't? Well, if so, then today is your lucky day! The following include practical tips to follow in order to keep your hair healthy and nourished.

1. Straightening and styling tools:

 All heat products are damaging to the hair, so it's important to limit their usage. Even worse than heat products are cheap styling tools because they're not designed efficiently with the complex materials that will protect the hair from damage. If you can't afford any high quality styling products, it's better to go natural until you've saved enough money for a product that will be worth every penny. 

2. Coconut Oils: 

Among other oils, coconut oil is one of the most beneficial because it is high in vitamins and fatty acids that your hair can utilize. It's effects are the same on all hair types and ethnicities. A product from your local grocery store, it is great because you can use it topically and eat it to receive an extra boost for hair growth and health. For topical use, the best advice is to gently massage the oil onto your hair with your fingertips. This will make your hair increase shine, gain moisture, strengthen it's texture, and become more manageable by stimulating circulation and nourishment to the scalp. 

3. Safe shampoo products:

Most shampoo products contain cleaning agents, such as sulfates that not only damage your hair follicles, but are hazardous to your overall health. The sulfates dehydrate your hair and cause it to become brittle. If this is something you've noticed that happens to you after washing your hair, find a shampoo and conditioner that is labeled as sulfate free. It's also important not to wash your hair too much; once a day is enough. You may even consider skipping a day or two some weeks, especially if your hair is thinner.

4. Stress:

Stress can result in hair loss. One main factor of stress is adrenal exhaustion, which is usually caused by anxiety or drug use, especially coffee. Some of this can be reduced by detoxifying the body with healthy juices. It is also important to simply have your moments of peace. Quick meditations are a great solution to this problem. 

5. Improving your dietary health:

Do not overdose when taking dietary supplements for hair growth, this may worsen it. Less is more with most mineral intake. However, the vitamin b's are the main focal point for hair growth because they block stress and you can take large amounts safely, so if your impatient, this would be the most practical solution for you. A deficiency or uneven ratio in other nutrients can cause hair loss and graying. 

6. Daily moisturizers: 

Make sure to keep your hair moisturized with a leave in conditioner hair product, so that it can resist the negative effects of stringent weather. If you find leave in conditioners inconvenient, you can make a homemade product that suits your needs. 

7. Exercising: 

Exercising is a great way to get and maintain proper hair health because it improves blood flow, ultimately reducing stress, and providing oxygen to the scalp. 
These are just a few of the many ways to get sleek and healthy hair. Try them out- maybe you'll be the next object of hair envy!

Kristen Davies is a self proclaimed "beauty product junkie." She loves trying out a new product, as well as getting a good deal on her current favorite products. One other way that she makes sure she is getting a good deal is with her health insurance. She checks for the best deal!

Twist & Roll Classy Hair Style

Hey Curlies,

I told you all that I was in the process of creating a tutorial with the hairstyle that I wore to the National Natural Hair Meetup day event. Don't worry, I didn't forget the other tutorial on the last updo. It's coming soon!

-Victoria (@Classycurlies)

National Natural Hair Meetup Day- Toledo,Ohio Review

Hey Curlies!
What a day! Today is May 19,2012 which is the official day for National Natural Hair Meetup Day. I had a good time meeting all of the new people and making connections. I participated in the Toledo event which was set up like a block party. Let me give you the run down...

  • 6+ vendors plus access to more on the side walk
  • Beauty and hair supplies available
  • Powell's Beauty Supply Store open for business during the event
  • Poetry acts
  • Natural Hair segments <---that's me :)
  • Giveaways
  • Food
  • Onsite nail tech and hairstylist
I did a segment on developing a hair regimen and answered lots of questions. I also did a giveaway of Shea Moisture products. I received an NNHMD "Swag Bag" FULL of samples and coupons. On the product swap table I picked up a bottle of Jane Carter's leave in conditioner :)

Overall, it was a pretty good event! I would like to thank Megan Davis for inviting me and making me feel more than welcome.

I am so thankful that the weather was beautiful,not a cloud in the sky. Over the course of the day my hair got bigger and bigger! I have a tutorial for this style coming tomorrow :) If you did not get to attend any of the events, please mark your calendars for next year. The date will be Saturday May 18 in a city near you!

Hair style of the day
My outfit
My Mom and I
Block party style!
I met one of my YT watchers :) Her hair is gorgeous!
Hair Action
Megan Davis of the Kitchen Salon
My official "Swag Bag"
The contents of the bag were on steroids!
The giveaway table
My hair was HUGE by the end of the day
My hair+85 degree weather= a no go!


Moisturizing Ingredients to Look for in Hair Products

Hey Curlies,

About a month ago, I went to the Indianapolis natural hair meetup and we began to talk about ingredients. In any regimen, you need a balance of both protein and moisture. At the event I was given a few different moisturizing ingredients to look for and I also have come up with a few more that I would like to share.

Remember that the first five ingredients listed in a product are the ones that are contained most in that product. Here are some great ingredients to look for:

  • Shea butter- Heavy product. Used with thick hair
  • Vegetable Glycerin- attracts outside moisture to your hair
  • Jojoba extract- creates shine
  • Avocado oil- Light product
  • Aloe Vera- Smooths hair and protects from heat damage
Here are some of the ingredients I learned about at the event. All of these ingredients (above and below)  are called Humectants which allow your hair to retain moisture.
  • Water
  • Cetyl-alcohol
  • Alpha Hydroxyl acids
These might seem very familiar to you. Below is the the link to a lists of these ingredients and others in their scientific or disguised form. Ever pick up a product and on the ingredient list are huge words that you don't understand? This lists will explain what each is.

Hairstyle of the Day #9-Tuck & Roll Updo

Hey Curlies,

In one of the last few posts, I told you all how I had come up with this brilliant updo style. I finally got a chance to really try it out and it looks great! I will definitely do a tutorial on this soon.

The style involves bobby pins, a styler, tuck and roll twists and buns.

I will be wearing this until Saturday after the National Natural Hair Day Meetup event. At that point, I'll wash and redo the style with the tutorial. It's a great protective style.

-Victoria (@Classycurlies)

ClassyCurly Profile: Kenya Thomas

Hey Curlies,

Here is another ClassyCurly profile. Let me forewarn you, we have a model on our hands and she's gorgeous! She is the face of Organic Root Stimulator's 2012 Campaign and has been featured on many well known radio and television shows. Check her out!

Name: Kenya Thomas

Social Media names:
Hair Type: Super kinky 4B ^_^
URL( if any) &

How long have you been natural? 
I've been natural a little bit more than 3 years

Why did you go natural? 
It wasn't by choice honestly. When I signed with my first Modeling agency it was decided that my most marketable look would be my natural hair - only problem was that I normally wore my hair long in weaves. So it was pretty traumatizing after seeing all of my hair being chopped off and me feeling like a little boy lol ...Needless to say, that's what books me for most of my work, and I adore my "nappy" hair! ^_^

When did you Big chop? 
As soon as it was decided to be my "look". I didn't have any time to even prepare for it!!

A short regimen you can share?
To be honest, I don't do much to my hair. Usually my hair is done and taken care of by a Stylist when I Model, but I make sure I twist my hair up with a Curl Sealer 2x a week. I use a Curl Spray daily before taking my hair loose. A healing mask once a month, and wash my hair accordingly!

Do you have any Favorite Products?
Well right now I'm one of the faces of Organic Roots Stimulator's new hair line Curls Unleashed - they're products are awesome! I'm also a big fan of Sofn'Free - they have a new line called "Nothing But" that's targeted for the Curlies!! :D

Do you have any advice on Going Natural? 
It's going to take some time getting used to. A lot of women are uncomfortable chopping all of their hair off (as I was). Our natural hair is our race, our culture, our history - And society has taught us that it wasn't good enough. That it's inferior. I wasn't yet comfortable with my natural hair, so as a "coping method" I wore wigs, extension braids, etc. And it honestly took validation from other people for me to become confident enough to just wear my natural hair all the time. THAT'S when I started developing a true sense of self-love for my hair and my culture. Screw validation elsewhere. That doesn't mean I'm "anti-weave", I still like to have fun with my hairstyles, change it up, and wear it different ways... It's just that NOW I'm not wearing the weaves TO be pretty. I know I'm rambling a bit, but this is the main concept I keep in my head when it comes down to "our" hair: "People always have a greater yearn for something they can't have. Our race is the ONLY race in the world that can grow our hair in this texture. And THAT'S what makes our nappy hair pretty bad ass" :)  

Jealous yet? Hair envy maybe? Yeah I thought


Hairstyle of the Day #8-Bantu Knots

Hey Curlies,

I came up with this really cute updo style to try,but then I noticed that my current hairstyle could be stretched an extra day. The cute updo will be coming soon. I combed out my old twist out using a wide toothed comb and Sofn'Free Gro Healthy Nothing But Curl Sealer. I will do a product review on this later, but I added a little to my ends.

I twisted in big sections then bantu knoted each twists. If you all would like a tutorial on this let me know. I liked this way a lot better than my original bantu knots.

I left them in overnight and then sprayed with Bee Mine Daily Refresher then unraveled. Here are the results.

My bantu knots came out a lot better than last time.