Washing in sections

Hey Curlies,

I washed my hair last night using Tresemme Naturals and then deep conditioning with Shea Moisture's Purification Masque. I washed my hair in four different sections and I want to tell you all how much easier this is. Washing in sections cuts down on detangling time and helps you manage your hair but easier.

Wash routine (washing in sections)

  1. Separate your hair into as many sections as your like. I suggest between 4-6 sections. Once you have those sections, pin them aside.
  2. While in the shower, handling one section at a time, unclip it and add conditioner(or shampoo) to that section.
  3. Once you have cowashed that section, rinse and add your deep conditioner to that section and detangle with a wide tooth comb
  4. Create a small bantu knot or simply clip it out of the way and repeat with the other sections.
Once you are done with all sections, cover your head with a plastic cap for 30 minutes or more. Rinse the conditioner out in sections just as you did before and twist that section to dry.

I will admit that this process does take about 10 more minutes of your time but it eliminates the detangling stage after washing.


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